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Jennifer Morrison
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Jennifer Morrison - Dr. Cameron
jennifer morrison
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Welcome back to another exciting instalment of Practice, Practice, Malpractice. I thought about a condition that is more prevalent in younger children and came upon Kawasaki Disease. Now onto the information.

Kawasaki’s Disease
Kawasaki’s is a rare condition in kids that involves the inflammation of the blood vessels. As you can tell by the name it occurs most frequently in Japan. It affects more than 4000 kids each year. More patients are younger than 5. Little is actually known about Kawasaki’s and the cause has yet to be indentified. It is thought to be an autoimmune disorder (where...
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I thought it was time someone wrote a cross-over of House Md and Grey's Anatomy.My knowledge of GA is rudimentary,so shoot me if you don't like the storyline*ducks to avoid the bullets*.There is not even one sane scene in this fanfic.Hope you like it :)


Christmas Eve at PPTH.House and his team,old and new,are congregated in Cuddy's office.

C:I know it's Christmas Eve,but this is good publicity for the hospital,so whether you like it or not,you're going to do this!

T:My wife is going to kill me if I don't show up tonight!

C:Do I seem to care,Dr Taub?Now,I know we're...
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