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Okay, I get it, so could you stop?
Funny scene in preview od "9 to 5" really made my day, because it was... well, funny, and didn't matter, that I love Luddy. But then I came back to spot to write about it and I read all these mean comments about Lucas and House.
Okay, Huddy is an OTP, we get it! Not only from you, but from producers also.
Why can't I say anything bad about 13 (like right here: link) and no one has any problems with all people around bashing Lucas ONLY for being not House in relationship...
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My first CSI:NY/House, M.D. crossover fic so I hope you enjoy it. It's really dark at the beginning and many might not like it but trust me it gets better and HuddySMackedfans you will love it. Please leave comments and let me know what you think. Thanks!

Our Lives

Chapter 1: Payback

New York Police Department Crime Scene Investigation Detectives Stella Bonasera and Mac Taylor were on their way to meet some friends at a restaurant in Princeton, New Jersey on May 18th 2007. They were going to meet Dr. Lisa Cuddy, a long time friend of Stella’s and her boyfriend Dr. Gregory House. They arrived...
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The theme of the latest House MD episode, entitled, “Unfaithful” dealt with the idea of lost faith and of putting faith in other people. Daniel, a troubled priest is brought in with a bland case that House takes on, thinking that there is really nothing to it, but is suddenly confronted with a case that has more depth to it then he first appreciated.

DANEIL: You want to talk hypocrisy, what about you? You act like you don’t care about anyone, but here you are saving lives.

HOUSE: Solving puzzles, saving lives is just collateral damage.

DANEIL: Nice try. I don’t think you’re looking...
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House and Wilson are best buddies!
House and Wilson are best buddies!
To ship, or not to ship? That is the question. To many of us, it is a very important question. And for the many of us who choose a ship to support, it becomes very near and dear to our hearts. Thus, because we cling so tightly to our own ships, we can be guilty of bashing or mocking other peoples' ships. And, as Miss_Sigma pointed out in her article link, the Hilson ship is often beat up on and/or laughed at. As someone who has been guilty of often saying "Oh I hate Hilson!", I think I should explain my position.

Hilson is a complicated ship. In general, I am not a fan, and these are my main...
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House: His name is not Wilson and he's screwed up worse than I am!

Well, his name is Wilson and he's most certainly not as screwed up as House, but then...

How screwed up is Wilson?

I don't think we get to really see this side of Wilson until the episode with that quote I just used, "House vs God". Almost two complete seasons into the show and only then we get to see Wilson's screwed-up-ness exactly as it is.
Why did the writers take so long to introduce such an important feature of such an important character? Did it occur to them only just then that Wilson should be this way? I don't think so....
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We are focusing on SENDING THONGS AND BALLS TO FOX AND NBC entertainment presidents with one of the suggested captions listed below. We will add more suggestions as they come in.

This campaign will take the two most popular ideas on the fandom and combines them. It also leaves open the option of sending one or the other if both are not feasible. In this way we will have a united front.

This is a joint effort by many fandoms. Each House fandom is welcome and encouraged to have one of their members as an executive here...
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posted by angiii7
House “The patient’s a crazy person?”
Cuddy “You’re a crazy person. The patient’s a psychologist.”

House “Carlson won’t listen to me since I hit on his wife.”
Cameron “You knew?!”
House “God no. I thought she was his daughter.”

Wilson “That makes sense.”
House “That makes sense?”
Wilson “I said it first!”

House “You, for some reason, are happy.”
Wilson “How dare you!”

House “You are wearing that shirt FOR somebody.”
Wilson “The health department. They frown on topless-oncology.”

Wilson “Are you ok.” [laughs]
House “It’s a valid medical...
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“Now I’m Committed”: A Numbers synopsis of Broken

Detox scene:
perfect music...and i LOVE the shots of light and dark coming and going and the change in occipity and was so NON housey but a perfect way to do ACTUAL detox in a house way, if that makes sense. The only dialogue was have liked better if he were just pounding on the door and we couldn’t hear him...just stick with the music but that was fine.

House wants to leave:
LOL first thing i thought was "don’t take the cap, its probably got lice in it!" Then on to the astronaut thing LOL love the euphemism....
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posted by AussieFan12
WARNING!Spoilers of 7x15 Bombshells
don't read this if you don't want to know what happens in the teaser!

HOUSE - Ep 7015 - BLUE - 11/18/10 1.




ON AN ALARM CLOCK - as the numbers move from 6:29 to 6:30 AM, an ALARM goes off. A hand reaches in, switches it off.

REVEAL CUDDY, having just woken up. She rolls over, looking to the other pillow. To her surprise...She's alone in bed.

CUDDY(puzzled, calls out)House?

No answer. Cuddy looks towards the bathroom -- the light's off, no sign of activity.


Confused and a little...
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posted by AdaLove
Dr. Robert Chase didn't always want to be a doctor. He previously attended a seminary but didn't finish it. The exact reason why has never been revealed, but it has been implied that he simply lost his faith. He gives the impression of being from "old money," but this may be a touch added by the actor, Jesse Spencer. One can easily visualize Dr. Chase running away from the Paparazzi, because he has become so bored and annoyed with being among "the rich and famous." And he would not want Mumsy, back in the Australia, to accuse him of becoming like those dreadful nuveau riche in America.

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Stupid oldmovie....
Stupid oldmovie....
Oopps I ran out of room on the other article and I was silly enough to unpublish the article so I lost all of the wonderful comments from before. I should have given the new people an article to themselves anyways, but on the brightside we have lots of room for many newbies! Let's continue with the tour!

Cameron and Chase fans normally come together to console one and another about the limited time their characters get now on season 4. We have forums devoted to their pain and our ring leader of the forums is right here to answer questions, nandacavalieri do you have a second?

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Just a theory... don't take it for a fact:

I have a new theory in the light of the new sneak peeks and what we know about the rest of the season... have you noticed how the clips are overly light? In a Claire Obscure kind of way? (the adding of artificial lighting when it's not supposed to be there) I know the last few episodes have been dark but they are all seemingly sporting personal halos in the sneak peeks... what if the episode, or part of it, is a hallucination? I mean... Amber appeared in the saviours episode, House says it has been four days since he slept last, and still blames Amber...
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#1 top rated photo "House" from newbie
#1 top rated photo "House" from newbie
Ever wondered what the highest rated or most commented on things are in each area of our spot? I've definitely spent some time perusing through the many pages of top rated images and articles and it's interesting to see which things are the most popular.

So here, for you, are the highest rated/most popular items in each area!


10. "Cast of House MD"
By: newbie 3 years ago
30 fans; 4,986 views

9. "House"
By: newbie 3 years ago
30 fans; 8,799 views

By: suds 1 year ago
31 fans; 2,336 views
#8 top rated photo "EPIC FAIL PICS" by suds
#8 top rated photo "EPIC FAIL PICS" by suds

7. "Better Versions...
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Author’s Notes: By request; the second chapter of Holding On!

Still not sure about the lifespan of this thing… oh well: enjoy it while it’s there!

Fighting Chance.

House was sitting on his bed with a vacant stare in his eyes… Wilson had thrown all the knives out and the gun had found its place in the trashcan as well, but none of it seemed to bother House: maybe he really wasn’t desperate…

‘No. He was… he tried to kill himself.’ And Wilson was still certain of that as he leant against the wall opposite to his seemingly suicidal friend:

“How’s your leg?”

House shrugged, indifferent...
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posted by jameswilson
What would House do?
It's an interesting question to ask yourself now and then, especially when you come upon a challenging decision.
At first it kind of seems like a ridiculous concept because House's decisions are rarely acceptable right away, if at all.
But if you think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense.
Because the bottom line is, House stands up for whatever he thinks as right - thinking like that can really help you feel better about and stand up for yourself; and it can help you figure out what's right for you if you aren't sure.
House doesn't ever doubt himself, and he never just...
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posted by BeforeItWasCool
For the complete article visit: link

Okay, my loyal readers and those newbies to the group, here is the final chapter of my Fan-isode: It’s About Time. I have REALLY enjoyed writing this and it benefited me probably more than all the readers because it helped to keep my thoughts of House, Cuddy, Wilson and gang alive for the summer. I know we have another 7 weeks so I am considering doing another one, but we’ll see what happens.

Now this being my version of a House episode I’ve done my best to keep this all In-Character and House-like, so much so in fact that I have even ended it with a...
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posted by BeforeItWasCool
Latest chapter in the Fan-isode “It’s About Time.” For the complete story visit link .

Disclaimer: I don’t own House. David Shore and Fox do. Dang it.

“It’s About Time”
Chapter Nine

    Cuddy had only talked with Jacob’s dad for a couple of minutes before she was sure that what had happened was all just a big mix-up. In fact, if blame had to be given it would fall also on Jacob’s mother’s shoulders. The father had expected the mom to pick up Jacob only 30 minutes after he had left Jacob sleeping peacefully in his bed. The next-door neighbor had left earlier...
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posted by BeforeItWasCool
For the complete story visit:

Here is the new chapter of my fan-isode. Yes, I changed the name. Fan-isode flows better, I think. A word on the medical case in this: I’ve done some research on the medical aspects and although they’re fairly accurate don’t expect it to be terribly complicated. If you want better details on medical stuff you probably shouldn’t try to find it in Fan Fiction. Just saying. I am trying to tie all aspects of this fanisode into one theme, like they do on the show. It’s WAY harder than you think. Also, this chapter is much longer than my average chapter,...
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posted by DemzRulez
House Season 1 Episode 7: Fidelity

Full Recap

After a morning jog with his friend, a man named Ed returns home to find his spouse sick in bed. Elyce has remained there for days. At the hospital, Cameron tells House that the patient has been sleeping 18 hours a day, but the tests don't reveal anything.

House and his team go through the possibilities -- Depression? Parasites? House orders new blood work and another MRI. After more testing, Elyce is told that there is no answer to her neurological problems. She goes into seizures.

House starts to suspect breast cancer. He also inquires about Elyce's...
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He’s home alone this evening. Wilson is still working, so it’s basically the usual bachelor plan: Chinese take out, some drinks, TV and Vicodin, followed by laying on his sofa for hours, almost falling asleep, but not really.

He’s in the middle of opening a box of noodles, when a knock interrupts him.

“Someone better be dying!” He screams loudly in the direction of the door. He sighs and limps over to his cane, walking over to it. It’s a big surprise to see Cuddy standing there, looking nervous.
House opens the door suspiciously, “What are you doing here?” He asks, realizing...
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