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posted by HugeEgoSorry
It was a mess in all the rooms of House and Cuddy’s home they bought a year after they got together. One couldn’t tell which room is which since things were in a certain room which is not supposed to be there. The three year old Rachel was crying so loud while she was being carried by Cuddy who was looking tired, upset and angry. Her hair was a disaster as they head for the baby’s room.
Cuddy: <looking pissed off at Rachel> Stop crying! <The cry of the baby continues and Cuddy looked at the baby then she placed it down heavily on the basinet but making sure she didn’t hurt it,...
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posted by Lela48
AN.:It's just a story I've been working on about a secret that is revealed when a girl with the last name "Chase" becomes House's patient.All the characters appear.


It was a normal day at PPTH’s diagnostic department, Foreman thought, he had just came back of his clinical trial with Thirteen, who was now talking with Kutner over the coffee maker about the lack of patients today. Taub got the unfortunate task of doing House’s clinic hours. He was just about to get up to get a cup of coffee too when he heard the loud “bang” noise of House...
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It was another dreary and dank morning in apartment 221B. The alarm clock rang at 9:30 AM just like it always did, waking him up so he could be just perfectly late to work, he opened his deep blue eyes and groaned from the pain shooting up his leg, yes just like every morning. He even had a slow but steady routine from the minute his eyes opened. He grabbed his cane and the bottle of Vicodin from the side table near his bed. Sleepily he pops one in his mouth sets the bottle back down and is off to get dressed in whatever t-shirt and jeans calls to him that day. Then puts...
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posted by housecuddy4ever
......Chapter 8.
I decided to quit naming the chapters.
I will post chapters 9 & 10 later today,if not tomorrow.
I had to rewrite half of it.

As Cuddy walked into House's bedroom House shut the bedroom door and locked it.Cuddy turned around and saw House having a dirty look on his face.'What the hell?'Cuddy thought."What the hell House?"Cuddy said as House came towards her.Cuddy saw the lust in his eyes.'Oh my god.His he doing what I think he's doing?'she thought.She and House were inches apart."House.I don't I can...."Cuddy began,"I don't trust anyone this moment.I can't trust you.I'm...
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Personally, I liked the first six episodes the best. The feel of the show seemed more consistent and House was revealing more of his issues(i.e. Fear of Being Back in Control, Deciding To 'talk' to his dad at night,Being Afraid He Was Hearing Voices Again, and Being Tempted to Use Vicodin but resisting in Epic Fail). I like 13 so much this season. She is getting back to the season four 13 that I enjoyed so much. Foreman has been more fleshed out this season and has finally shown true remorse. Taub has been perfect in his comedic delivery all season. Wilson has been a great support to...
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posted by Irene3691
Next morning when Cuddy wakes up, House is looking at her.
‘Hi there...’
‘Hello...’ She touches her belly.
‘Hi to you too, buddy!!’
Lisa chuckles. ‘It was a bit weird before... It felt strange...’ She looks at him. ‘But I liked it.’
‘Of course it was strange... there was someone else in bed with us!!’
‘You’d better get used to it!’
‘Oh God...’
‘What?’ Lisa asks.
‘I'll have to get used to having a "menage a trois" every time we're gonna make out...’
‘You have a wish to cross off your list then.’ Jokes Cuddy.
‘My fantasy didn't include a child taking part...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
By next day, House was seated in front of Pitt who was reviewing his leg treatment progress. He wasn’t meeting in doctor’s stare as he was playing thumb wrestle with his own hands.
Pitt: Impressive…
House looked at him as his doctor close the file.
Pitt: I’ll pass this on to Cuddy this afternoon. I’m sure she’ll be here by then so there’s no point of sending this to Plainsboro.
House: I don’t think so…
Pitt looked at his patient who was rolling his tongue on his side teeth.
Pitt: I don’t think so what? That she’ll be back? Why, what the hell did you do?
It took a few minutes...
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posted by HugeEgoSorry
It was late in the afternoon when Cuddy decided to help House settled back in his room. Dr. Pitt allowed her to do so since he knows House wouldn’t do anything to scare her away. House turned to looked at Cuddy who stopped and stood just a few steps from the sliding door. He placed his cane on the bottom headboard of his bed before removing his jacket and lying it down on the mattress behind him.
Cuddy: <sighed> You’re really giving up on this?
House: Do you?
Cuddy: If I say no would that give you the strength of pushing some more?
House looked away from Cuddy gazed and he took a deep...
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Hey there! This is my first time actually posting one of my House fan-fictions, so comments would be greatly welcomed. Umm...and yeah.

"I must warn you about the doctor you'll be interning with," Docotor Lisa Cuddy informed me as we walked down the hallway of the Princeston Plainsboro Hospital.

"I'm sure that I can handle whatever oddities that this doctor has. I've come across some strange people in my time. Hell, I'm one of them," I said with a laugh.

"Yes, but this one is particularly strage. He's brash, rude and just a gneral ass, but I assure you that Doctor House is the best," Dr. Cuddy...
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I hope you find the plot interesting!! Anyway, chapter two is in front of you!

Reviews are delightful!♥


Chapter two: It’s Summer!!!

“Oh, don’t act surprised”, my aunt started, “You know she was coming and you agreed on involving her as a part of the team if she took some of your clinic duty. That is 2 hours a day!”

“And yet, she is 3 hours with me. Somehow I think that’s not fair.” You could hear House from behind me, being sarcastic again.

“You’re an adult, House. Get over it.” And with that my amazing aunt left leaving the diagnostician a little bit confused. God,...
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posted by pollyloveshouse
Are we rating things deservedly?
Are we rating things deservedly?
Hi there guys, your friendly neighborhood PLH here with an odd, backwards kind of request from you.

Now it has been said before that this spot is an excellent place in terms of fans rating other user's content! I mean on the majority of photos you may be getting 10+ rates, most of the icons you might be finding 4 or 5 rates on each one, which is a lot given how many of them there are!! Even most of the screencaps have been rated, which even my rater whore self wouldn't be able to do! So yes, this spot is an excellent place for your content to be rated! So you may be asking why i am making a...
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Chapter 4 of my fanfic.I will post chapters 5 and 6 later today.
I already written the chapter.

After Cameron got done talking to Chase,she decided to go apologize to House.She went into her bathroom to gussy up.She grabbed her car keys.She started her car."Damn it,I need gas."Cameron said.She drove to the nearest gas station.She got out of her car and walked inside the gas/convenience store.She saw Wilson.She wanted to talk to him but she just got gas."Um yes,I need $20.00 of gas at pump 5."Cameron said to the clerk.As she turned around she bumped into Wilson."Wilson!I'm sorry...I didn't...."Cameron...
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Wilson's Heart shows that everyone has a breaking point.
Wilson's Heart shows that everyone has a breaking point.
So, class, today we're going to be studying and discussing the last scenes of Wilson's Heart, starting with Wilson on the bed with Amber's letter.

From earlier in the episode, we already know that Wilson is majorly distraught due to Amber's death, but I think that the point where he really falls apart is when he reads her letter. My theory as to why this is the exact time is that he reads it and he realizes that Amber really is gone. He will never see her again and it overwhelms him.

I think that the reason Thirteen went and got herself checked is that she realized (we're going...
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Disclaimer: I don’t own House. I just own a burning desire to follow Hugh Laurie around the set and fetching whatever he needs or wants. Forever.

“Letting Go – A Winter Fanisode”
Act Four


Wilson looked closely at the small freckle on the left shoulder of the patient in Exam Room 2. He took extra time to make sure it wasn’t cancerous. This was a consult, after all and he needed to be 100% sure so that his hospital would be well represented.
“It looks like it’s just a freckle,” Wilson said somewhat cautiously. “Probably from too much sun.” He looked along the patient’s...
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posted by HuddyLover1
"Is there anyone else that could possibly 'drop by'?" Says House.
Cuddy heard the door open and she nodded.
"Ohh don't tell me." House looks back.
"Oh joy."
"I couldn't guess."
"Reservations under-"
"Wilson!" House mumbled.
"Ohh yes sir right this way."
"He better not bring him and the Devil over here."
"Be nice. I know you saw what she did too him last time but give them a chance."
"I did."
"quiet here he comes."
"Well what a surprise to see u here." Wilson looks at House.
"And I'm guessing this is the important 'somewhere' you had to be?"
"Why yes it is. And I see the devil has risen."
"hmph funny." Wilson...
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posted by rosehustle1
"So, Rachel is a Christmas baby?" House asked nonchalantly as he sat down across from Lisa Cuddy's desk. She looked up from her computer screen and sighed.
"House don't you have clinic?"
"I don't actually. Someone named Taub is filling in for as I was saying, isn't her birthday around this time of year?"
"She was actually born a few days before but no exact day is known. I picked December 20th so she can share the day with my dad. I thought it would be a special connection for them to share. Why?"
House studied her face for a moment before digging into his pocket and revealing a small...
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posted by bRiNnAyCuLlEn
*****I know this may be better fitted for the House fans spot, but I think this may be interesting to do over on this spot. Also, many fans on here aren't on House Fans.
*****I'm going to start it with me, and continue with anyone who wants to do, and basically end up with an alphabetical encyclopedia of everyone's favorite character and their ships. If you want to be included, just make a comment on this article with what you want your entry to be and I will add it to the article.
*****Sorry about the pic, it's funny!
*****Also, sorry abot not being able to complete this quickly, I am now out...
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posted by houseluva8
Today he thought ‘Today is the day I’m going to tell Lisa Cuddy how I feel.’ He had been smiling all morning. He was smiling while he was getting ready for work. He went out of his way to make sure he trimmed his stubble and put on her favorite sky blue button down shirt. In a rush to get to the hospital he grabbed his cane, keys, backpack, and helmet. Walking out to his bike he was humming Drive by Dawn Landes.

As he was driving down the street his thoughts strayed to Cuddy. They strayed to how he was going to tell her and what her reaction would be. ‘What if she didn’t feel the...
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“House wake up” House covered his head with the pillow. God, he hated that voice.
“House covering your head won’t make me disappear, I’m inside your head remember?” House rolled over and opened his eyes. Amber was sitting at the end of his bed.
He gave her an angry look and glanced to the clock. 7:00 am.
“God! Why are you waking me up at seven? “He said sitting up. Amber was dressed with her white coat, pink shirt and white skirt.
“I don’t know, is something bothering you?” House sighed and threw his head back while he closed his eyes.
It has been 2 weeks since he first saw...
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10. The show. The show is perfect it has everything a show must have. Drama, Comedy, happiness, pity, "love", mystery, etc. It is so interesting, it’s your puzzle. Specially because of the main character House, he’s quite a character you either love him or hate him. He’s a jerk that everybody is supposed to hate but why does everyone loves him so much? You are always trying to figure why he acts that way. And there are character that help which leads me to the 9th reason.

9. The other cast members. It doesn’t matter who it is. You always love other character from the show apart from...
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