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On New Year's Eve, Olivine and me wrote this great and nobel prize worthy oneshot. xD
And no, we weren't drunk xD.
Anyway, enjoy :D
[Oida = Dude ]

It was an idyllic Wednesday evening. There had never been a blizzard like this before. No car was on the roads, except for one.
„Hm?“, Wilson murmured, he was too distracted by a tree that was about to fall on the street.
House yelled again. „Did you see that road sign??“
„Road sign?“, Wilson turned around and looked at House, „ There was a road sign?“
House was about to rant, when a high, strident voice interrupted him.
„Look at the road, Wilson!!“ It was Cuddy, who was clinging to House’s right arm. For once in his life, the pain in his arm was bigger than the pain in his leg.
Cameron was about to kill Cuddy.
House grimaced because he suddenly felt a pain in his left arm too. It was Cameron who glared at Cuddy and tried to pull House closer.
„The road sign said: New York.“, House whimpered, because Cuddy also tried to pull him closer.
Wilson widened his eyes. „Watch out, Chase!“
5 seconds later a loud scream filled the air. „My hair!!!“, Chase cried as he was holding on to the car roof.
„What happened?“, Kutner asked confused.
„A frozen cat hit me!“, Chase complained.
„Why are we in New York now?“, Thirteen asked.
Taub remained silent and continued looking like a fish.
A loud snore was coming out of the trunk.
„Shut up, Foreman!“, House was annoyed.
Chase was still crying because of his hair.
„No remarks from the peanut gallery!“, House took his cane and knocked on the car roof.
„My precious!“, Cameron shouted and pulled the cane out of House’s hand.
Cuddy didn‘t like that. A deafening cry followed as she grabbed the other end of the cane.
Kutner looked at House, Cameron and Cuddy. „Are you playing house? Can I be the dog?“
The cane decided to get his own life and escaped from the hands of Cuddy and Cameron. It flew through the air and wanted to jump Wilson.
„Ouch!“ He lost consciousness and his face hit the horn. The car stopped, Chase fell off the roof and landed softly in a (frozen) bush.
„Mm hr!“
The others got out oft he car.
„What’s wrong, honey?“, Cameron asked.
Chase spit out snow on her shoes. „My hair…“
„Where are we?“, Taub asked. Foreman was knocking inside the trunk.

At the same time, Adam was trying to build some fireworks in the lab.
Mac entered the lab. „Adam, what are you doing??“
„Huh?“ He tried to hide the fireworks.
Stella entered the lab as well. „Why are you honking?“
„I’m not honking.“
Mac looked at her. „Neither am I.“
Mac and Stella turned around and left the building to look who was honking.
It was Wilson. More exactly his head.
„Hands up or I'll shoot!“, Mac pointed his gun at Taub, who looked like a scared fish now.
„I’m Greg.“, House said.
„ I’m Mac.“
Someone shouted out of the window. „And I’m Flack!!!“
The ice was broken.
It fell off the trunk and Foreman climbed out.
Adam came out of the building too. „Oh hey, the party guests! Come in!“
„Is the man in the car dead?“, Mac asked.
„What are you? A detective?“ House asked sarcastically.
„Yes I am, Detective Mac Taylor and these are my partners Detective Stella Bonasera and Detective Adam Ross.“
„These are Huey, Dewey and Louie“ he pointed at Thirteen, Taub and Kutner.
At that moment Wilson opened his jeans…umm eyes. (Cuddles and Olivine: *drool*)
„Mommy?“ Wilson asked dizzily.
Cuddy, who had examined Wilson grumbled angrily
„I am not your mom!“
„You look exactly like her, you have the same wrinkles…“
Cuddy hit him hard in the face with a fish (which was Taub).
Wilson lost consciousness.
The hoot returned and so did the hooters…umm Cuddy.
Finally everybody entered the building.
Adam and Kutner who had become BFF immidiately, threw the party.
„Where’s the alcohol?“ House asked eagerly.
„We have no alcohol.“ Mac replied.
House’s eyelid started to flutter threateningly.
Just then, Danny and Lindsay entered the room and waved with the alcohol bottles.
„Thank god.“ House murmured.
A few bottles later everybody was dead drunk.
Stella and Cuddy were dancing on a table, half-naked.
„This is better than in my wildest dreams.“, House said and stared at Cuddy, while Mac was staring at Stella and nodded absent- minded.
10 Seconds later Stella pulled Mac on the table and kissed him. (Olivine: wild and passionately!! <3)
Cuddy saw it and tried to pull House on the table, but it turned out to be more difficult than she had thought, because suddenly Cameron was holding on to House’s right leg. „My precious!!!“
Foreman was doing the same with House’s left leg. „House, I‘ve always loved you!!“
House had never felt such physical and mental pain before.
Danny and Lindsay saw the massive spectacle and decided to help.
„Look! Over there! Chase is doing a striptease!“, they both shouted.
„What?? Where?“, they were so startled that they let go off House’s legs.
„Oida!“, House groaned and Cuddy finally managed to pull him on the table.
Chase was sleeping in a corner.
Adam told Kutner to finally kiss Thirteen, but he was too scared. So Thirteen kissed him. (Olivine: haha, that had to be XD)
Cameron and Foreman were fighting over Chase, who was still sleeping and didn’t notice anything.
Suddenly a snowman entered the room. It turned out to be Wilson.
Taub and Sid were having an exciting conversation about dead fish.
Danny and Lindsay found Adam’s fireworks and shot them off.

A few months later…
„I’m pregnant.“, Cuddy and Stella said, almost simultaniously although Cuddy was in New Jersey and Stella was in New York.
House’s eyelid fluttered even harder this time. „O________o Unzgruzn!“
Mac stared at Stella. „Oh...ohooo O_o“

The End..... :p
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The song is "Seduces me" by Celine Dion.
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Hi, um, I did this when I got bored the other night, so, don't leave too many negative comments.
And I put some homosexual ones in there, so don't be mad about that.

Fuddy (Foreman and Cuddy)

Wirteen (Wilson and Thirteen)

Thuddy (Thirteen and Cuddy)

Kuddy (Kutner and Cuddy)

Thameron (Thirteen and Cuddy)

Cumeron (Cuddy and Cameron)

Chouse (Chase and House)

Chuddy (Chase and Cuddy)

Chutner (Chase and Kutner)

Tuddy (Taub and Cuddy)

Tameron (Taub and Cameron)

Chaub (Taub and Chase)

Kouse (Kutner and House)

Thouse (Thirteen and House)

Louse (P.I. Lucas and House)

Fase (Foreman and Chase)

Fameron (Foreman and Cameron)

Thoreman (Thirteen and Foreman)

Faub (Foreman and Taub)

Filson (Foreman and Wilson)
Only 5 more episodes for Thirteen?
Only 5 more episodes for Thirteen?

as some of you might know I became really attached to the character of Remy "Thirteen" Hadley, the woman with the most tragic fate on House MD.

Now that I read the new spoiler, which said that House will fire Thirteen in the fifth episode of season 5, I wasn´t very pleased, as you might imagine.
After I was over the first shock, some thoughts came to my mind and I decided to share them with you.

The spoiler was found in a top tv magazine in Italy, which is said to be very trustable.

The first thing that came to my mind when I heardabout it, was that it is of course because of her terrible...
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1. Gregory House
2. Lisa Cuddy
3. James Wilson
4. Robert Chase
5. Remy "Thirteen" Hadley
6. Lawrence Kutner
7. Amber "Cutthroat Bitch" Volakis
8. Christopher Taub
9. Stacy Warner
10. Allison Cameron
11. Eric Foreman
12. Rachel Taub
13. Lydia
14. Lucas Douglas

I liked seeing who turned out where and how some results were surprising while others weren't. ;)

Feel free to share your feelings and what you think of the results (whether they were predictable or not) or whatever else you think! (Good and bad but be kind please lol).

So there you are! Thanks to everyone who participated this was definitely interesting and a lot of fun :)
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Wilson was stunned with his friend’s reply. His matchmaking worked for this two and he’s hoping that it’ll work for both of them.
Wilson: Well, are you moving in?
House: <shook his head> No. Why would I?
Wilson: Because you’re dating…
House: Dating not committed…
House’s pager rang and he looked at it.
House: Gotta go… My team found something in my patient’s apartment.
He stood up and kept his pager.
Wilson: Hey buddy, <House looked at him> Congratulation… <He smiled>
House: What is this a fatherhood compliment? <He smiled and left the room>

House entered a...
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House thinks PLH is crazy, you might too...
House thinks PLH is crazy, you might too...
Just to clarify, this article has no spoilers in it, promise!

Hello there, House spot, I'm sure you've already worked out that it's me, my name's just up there^! Now I'm here with an article, asking for a little help I suppose, or at least a little support. Basically, I am attempting to go completely spoiler free. This means no promos, no promo pictures, no reading spoilers, basically avoiding them completely! However, with a spot this, I get the impression this is going to be quite hard. it is very large, many active users, many spoilers. Also, this spot is actually known by it's inability...
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