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posted by HuddyLover1
Wilson walks into Cuddy's office.
Long pause.
"What was that?!"
"Uhhh." they say in sequence
"Well?!" Wilson looks at each of them.
"r u gonning to tell me or not."
House "is 'not' a choice?"
"Then why did it sound as if it was a choice?"
"House, its just expression! ugh nevermind I'll talk to u later." Wilson points to House.
House " I guess i'll see u later then."
House turns to Cuddy. He slowly walks to her.
"I think u should go-"
"u talk too much" He gently puts lips to hers. They passionately kiss. Needing air they broke.
"Tomorrow night want to have dinner?"
"I'll pick u up"

Later that night...

House sneaks in hoping Wilson won't notice he's here.
"I told u i wanted to talk to u!"
"I can't right now Wilson"
"WHAT! what do u mean 'u can't right now'!"
"I mean I can't I have to be somewhere." While he walks in and out of rooms.
"Fine if its so important tell me where."
"Then I guess u can stay here."
"No I have to be somewhere."
"Tell u later." As he walks out the door.
He gets on his bike and heads to Cuddy's house.
"What took u so long?"
"ohh ok"
"I thought I would never get out of there."
"well the good thing is u did"
"true. now come on were going to be late."

"hi reservation House."
"ah yes right here sir" Cuddy notices someone familiar.
"House keep your voice down."
"why?" Cuddy signals for him to look to his left.
"ugh ok just stay unnoticeable."
"pft I'll try" She quietly walked to her seat. House pulls out her chair. She sits down.
"My pleasure."
"I thought I would ask u out because I didn't get u any thing."
"Being with u is the only gift i need."
She smirks. She looks to her left and still recognizes the person just can't find the name.
House looks in the direction of where she looks.
He notices the same person.

To Be Continued...
k i'll write soon and tell u who the mystery person is.
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Finally a 30 second Fox promo for Locked In! It looks intense!
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Music: 'Apathetic Way To Be' by Relient K. [Credit: Fox / Ambrosia16 on YouTube]
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Sex Machine by James Brown slightly huddy
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Wilson/Amber music video with a beautiful song for the memory of Amber and the two best episodes. We just started to like her and she dead. I don't own anything!
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