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posted by Irene3691
Cuddy wakes up after a making-children-night. House is still asleep and Lisa smiles looking at him and thinking how cute and nice he looks when he’s sleeping. Finally House sighs and opens his eyes slowly. ‘Morning...’
‘Hey...’ Whispers Cuddy. ‘Did you sleep well? Happy New Year, and I warn you, I will say it during the whole day.’
He chuckles. ‘I slept very well and... if you're gonna say it the whole day, I'll ignore you the whole day...’
‘Okay, I will say it just a few more times, I don’t feel like you ignoring me the whole day.’
‘Good... nice choice...’ They smile. Lisa approaches to him and Greg hugs her.
‘I know that it's count one's chickens before they are hatched but... would you like a little boy or a pretty girl?’ Lisa asks. House chuckles and jokes.
‘One of each, we'll have twins...’
‘I can’t raise three children... I’m sorry...’
‘Oh... words can hurt, you know?’
She chuckles. ‘Giving birth too... and it’s me who has to do it.’
‘Hmmm... I can't help you with that... Then, I'll settle for what may come.’
‘Nice.’ She kisses her cheek ‘Let’s have breakfast, I really feel like eating toast!’
‘Okay...’ He kisses her sweetly and stands up.

They go to the kitchen and have breakfast. ‘I think I'm gonna call Wilson to wish him Happy New Year and stuff like that...’ Cuddy says.
‘Oh, I would have thought it is a great idea if I had liked that stuff...’
‘Well you can say “Hi” at least.’ She dials the number.
‘I've said "hi" so many times that it won't make any difference... but if it makes you happy...’
‘A little happier, yes.’ She smiles widely. ‘Hey Wilson! How are you??’
‘Hello? Hi Lisa! Happy New Year! Are you alright? Where did you go last night? Did you have fun?’ Wilson interrogates on the phone.
Before Cuddy has time to answer, House takes the phone from her hands and talks to Wilson. ‘Wilson, I just wanted to say "hi" 'cause Lisa said it would make her feel happier, so "Hi!!"’ He gives Lisa the phone back and goes to the table to keep eating.
‘Everything for Lisa's happiness.’ Says Wilson.
‘You heard him… Well, we’re good, we went to my sister’s home, what did you do?’
‘I went to my parent's house with the rest of my family. You know, the typical stuff... It wasn't really, really fun but it was fine, we had a good time.’
‘Nice...Well, any New Year's resolutions for this year? When are you coming back to Princeton?’ Lisa asks.
‘In a couple of days. Resolutions... Hmmm... not really, I don’t know... I could try to find the fourth and definitive Mrs Wilson... I don’t know, I just want to be happy. Hey my last year wish came true, you FINALLY are together, don’t you?’ He chuckles. ‘Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?’
‘Hmmm I don't know if it's a resolution, and I don't know if I should tell you this now... It's more like a Christmas present...’
‘A present? What is it?’
‘Last night, when we came home, Greg told me that he had been thinking and... he proposed to have a baby together.’
Wilson stays still shocked on the phone. ‘Woow...What?!?’ He is really surprised. ‘I can't believe it. Are you serious?’
‘Yes… we want it...’
‘Wow that’s great, I didn’t expect that news at all.’
‘Neither did I, actually...’
‘I think that when you were with Lucas and you didn’t know if you were pregnant, House started thinking about his life and what he really wanted for you and with you....’
‘Yeah, maybe so... But I’m glad for it.’ She smiles and looks at Greg who is sat, still having breakfast. ‘So... aren’t you gonna congratulate us?’
‘Of course. Congratulations!!’
‘Thank you.’ She knows Wilson can't see her but she smiles anyway.
‘You’re welcome.’ She seems very happy and Wilson is glad for both of his friends, because Greg is finally starting to be happy. ‘Well, hey Lis, Uncle Wilson has to go now... say congratulations to him from me too. See you as soon as I get there, okay?’
‘Sure. I’ll tell him. Have fun with your family, goodbye... Uncle Wilson.’ She chuckles. ‘It sounds good.’
‘Yeah.. it sounds really good.’ Wilson laughs ‘Goodbye family...’ and hangs up. Lisa does the same and goes to sit with Greg.

‘What did he say?’ He asks.
‘He congratulated us.’
‘Uh huh...’ He keeps on eating. ‘And when is he coming back?’
‘In two days or so, when he has to go back to work.’
‘Right... and... when are we going back?’
‘In a couple of days too. Sick people don’t stop being sick for Christmas...’
‘If only they could...’
‘Yes...’ Lisa looks at him and takes the cookie he has in his hand and bites it.
‘How dare you??!!’
‘Whoops.’ She sticks her tongue out at him and he chuckles and gives her a kiss. She smiles and eat the cookie.
‘Let's go to do something useful today...’

To be continued...

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Wow, I’m pretty much just dead, utterly utterly dead. I’ve always thought House MD was my inspiration to want to go into film and this episode just made me more certain of that. I know a lot of people have mixed feelings about this episode and what it revealed, but for those of you that feel cheated, this episode reveals so much more about whom House is and the story he created about himself that he wished was reality. I’m sorry in advance for anyone who is not Huddy, but seeing as this episode pretty much revolved around their story I’m going to be mainly discussing them in this article....
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I know Stephen fry doesn’t really have anything to do with house, although he talks about Hugh Laurie in part 3 (if you want to skip ahead or whatever). Anyway I loved this interview; Stephen has an interesting perspective on things...
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