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posted by douglas80
First Night is over. I slept not very well, maybe an hour or two. A nurse brought me pills---i stashed them away right into this nice cactus behind me at the window.
After i took a shower and have some breakfast, i went to my first meeting with Dr. Snyder. God Damn! Hot Woman!
Breakfast was nasty---i felt like i´m in jail!
Dr. Snyder is hot, but she isn´t very professsional...hope the ohther Doctor is coming back right soon. Wilson told me. His name is Travis, Dr. Travis, and he is the boss of, let´s call it jail!
So, hours went by and this fucking bitch is already by my side. She laughs at me. She stares at me. God! I hate her...

Well, i met a man. About sixty years, grey hair, little smaller than me, without a beard. He´s funny. His name is Frank. We played this game together. He´s nervy but quiet. I like that! Not like that bitch who interrupt me all the time.

In the evening the nurse came back and brought me some new pills---ha! stashed them away anew....the nurse´s name is Emma, she´s an idiot!

I thought about Wilson and i´m sure i miss him. Why can´t he be my doctor? Hm, yeah..bad question! Then i thought about Cuddy, but it hurt so much and i went back to Frank---playing another round of this game he called Swizzles.

Damn! Cuddy! I can´t stop thinking of you!

Oh, lights went tomorrow.


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