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Hi Guys!

This is reeeally fast! I've got to say that I'm truly sorry for not being around here anymore! School and other stuff is seriously sucking all the life inside of me! Between homework, gym , my mom being one of the worst biatches ever and other stuff, I have no more time for the internet! I actually have a few spare minutes every now and then, but I spend them all on Facebook, and when I come here, it's just to check any new mails/props! (By the way, I'd like to bear hugg those people who sent me messages and gave me props for my birthday: I was soo happy when I saw them, they really...
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I am totally in love with this banned commercial. You don't expect what is gonna happen xD. Hope you like it xD
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from 53xyvEzra on youtube video isnt anything, but the whole song is there. WOO i get to see him at the Horseshoe casino in a couple weeks
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link Since February we have been working hard to gather people to celebrate the show [H]ouse. It has been a phenomenal journey and we would like to thank everyone.
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