Horror Movies Horror Movie Unknown. (What movie is this?) Please help.

chadjayy posted on Sep 14, 2015 at 12:36AM
It's a kind of an old movie. I'm guessing 1995-2005 timespan. I feel like it was horror & action. A little after the middle I'm guessing, this couple went to this rest stop/gas station/mini restaurant for help. The guy leaves to go outside to use a payphone. The girl go uses the bathroom & sees some writing on it. The old couple that owns the place then kidnaps her, & puts her in a truck. Later on, she is tied to a table with several other people in the room. Eventually, her boyfriend & another girl drive through the place. The rest I can't remember, except at the end, the guy & that other girl (i think his girlfriend died) are at some house or apartment, & the killers or whoever they were slide a note or pamphlet under their door to let them know they're still alive. (And if i'm correct, another part in the movie, maybe the in the middle of the beginning & middle, the killers/some other kidnappers, have this woman in the car, the same one who was with that guy at the end, but she manages to escape out of it when they were on the highway i presume and hid by a bridge or something. I just remember rocks. Ha) Please help.

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