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This was a project me and a bunch of other people were doing on devaintarts, it's still on going and we keep adding more reasons. But I'll post the 50 reasons we got so far. :)

1. They grew up together
2. England grew his hair out like France
3. He got in trouble doing so
4. France got worried thinking England got eaten by a caterpiler
5. France helped England with his hair
6. He fixed his hair back to the way it was, saying he looked better that way
7. They raised Canada together
8. England put his arm around France
9. They are always together
10. They work together a lot
11. They comfort each other
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1. France x America
2. France x Austria
3. France x Belarus
4. France x Belgium
5. France x Canada
6.France x China
7. France x Cuba
8. France x Denmark
9. France x Egypt
10. France x England
11. France x Estonia
12. France x Finland
13. France x Germania
14. France x Germany
15. France x Greece
16. France x Hong Kong
17. France x Hungary
18. France x Iceland
19. France x North Italy
20. France x South Italy
21. France x Japan
22. France x Korea
23. France x Latvia
24. France x Liechtenstein
25. France x Lithuania
26. France x Netherlands
27. France x Norway
28. France x Poland
30. France x Prussia
31. France x Rome
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Japan licked Hawaii on the ear making her giggle and shove him away “Japan! Stop!” she said instantly Japan smiled and ran his fingers through her hair again “bad dog now I must teach you to know what to carr me now” Japan said grabbing onto Hawaii’s breast making her squeal. Japan began to tighten his grasp “please stop Kiku! I’m begging you! That hurts!!!” Japan then began to kiss Hawaii on the throat which made her moan he then rolled her over onto her stomach “werr I guess I have to teach you the hard way” Japan said as he grabbed Hawaii’s legs and lifted them up then...
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'No... Not him; please, anyone but him...'

Toris awoke from his dream by an insistent chiming. It had been like this a lot lately; nightmares plagued him nearly every night. They were always one of three:

Mr. Ivan coming towards him with his dreaded whip, smile cruel, voice soft and child-like and oh so cold. "You know I do this because I love you, my little favorite..."

Miss Natalia, pressing a knife to his throat, pale porcline face as expressionless and dull as that of a doll…

And then the worst- and most frequent- from which he had just awoken.

Toris groped his bedside table for the bothersome...
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