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This Harry Styles photo contains portrait, headshot, and closeup.

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Full Name-Harry Edward Styles
Brithday-February 1,1994 12:05am (UK time)
Hometown-Holmes Chapel,Cheshire,England
Best Best friend-Louis Tomlinson
Loves to-cook,clean,and kiss girls 14-42
Bad at-telling jokes(he said it not me)
Schools-middle school/high school Holmes Chapel Comprhenshive School.
After school-He worked at a bakery,and started a band called White Eskimo and he was the lead singer.
came up with-The name One Direction,and the song what makes you Beatuful.
signs-Aquarius and H.E.S (his name)
hes the youngest member in the band.

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Harry Styles is one of the highest-profile One Direction boys, but it appears he’s leaving his friends behind for a new solo project!

Harry, 18, flew to America in order to pursue some business opportunities by himself, UK publication Daily Star reports.

“Harry has stacks of fans in America — it’s safe to say they absolutely love him,” a source close to him says. “He’s been offered a big solo project, so he flew out to Los Angeles without the rest of the boy band. He’s been in America filming something. It may have been an advert or a film – I can’t say exactly what – but it’s worth a lot of money.”

Do YOU think One Direction will break up, Former Fanpoppers?
I Wish They Dont Break Up!
I Wish They Dont Break Up!
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