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With dimples you can dive into and constant goss about his busy dating life, Harry has earned a reputation as a killer flirt- and he's not denying a drop of it! 1D's Romeo finally spills about what he really wants in a girlfriend.

17: People see you as the girl-crazy one in the band. Is that accurate?

Harry Styles: I would say girl-crazy. because that makes me sound like a bit of a womanizer. That isn't really me. But I am quite flirty - maybe I'm too flirty. I'm an 18-year-old boy, and I like to have fun!

17: Are you dating anyone right now?

Harry Styles: No. A lot of stuff that I do gets written about, but for every [girl] I talk to, five more are made-up. I don't actively look for a girlfriend. If I meet somebody who I like, then we'll see what happens.

17: If a girl was interested in you, what's the best way for her to let you know?[/b]

Harry Styles: I think she should act normal. I like nice people. Just funny and nice. I would just want to get to know her and she would want to get to know me.

17: Have you ever been in love?

Harry Styles: Yeah, I have. When you have a connection with someone, I think you just know. And if you're asking if it's the real thing, then it's probably not.
Harry's Hot List: Which famous ladies does he have his eye on?

Taylor Swift: ''She honestly couldn't be a sweeter person. She's genuinely nice and extremely talented, and she deserves everything she has.''

Rihanna: ''Rihanna is like the ultimate crush you would be scared of if you met.''

Rita Ora: ''She's very funny. And yeah, she's hot!''

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