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I usually tried to avoid reading reviews of movies I am interested in seeing in the near future. Instead of relying on the opinions of others, I prefer to form my own opinions. However, my curiousity got the best of me and I could not help but read several reviews and opinions on the latest cinematic release from the HARRY POTTER franchise - namely "THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX". Mind you, the story was never my favorite HARRY POTTER novel, but after the near travesty (okay, perhaps that description is a bit exaggerated) . . . after the slight...
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posted by ChocoLuvr101
Thank You J.K. Rowling for writing Harry Potter, one of the best books I have ever read. Though I didn't grow up with HP (and I envy those who did) I am still grateful for deciding to read the book.

Thank You to the movie cast of the HP movies. Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Ruper Grint, Tom Felton, Alan Rickman and the others for helping in bringing the HP story to life.

When I wtached Part 2, there were scenes that made me wanna stand up and scream "Hell yeah!" especially when they were preparing for the Battle of Hogwarts. But I did tear up when I saw Fred, Tonks and Lupin dead. And I tried...
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posted by simpleplan
...that both Albus Dumbledore's and Ron Weasley's self-proclaimed proudest achievement was being featured on a Chocolate Frog Card?
...that Squibs cannot see Dementors?
...that Harry Potter's son, James Sirius Potter, stole the Marauder's Map out of Harry's desk?
...that Araminta Meliflua tried to pass a bill that made Muggle-hunting legal?
...that Quidditch is less popular in the Far East because they prefer to use flying carpets over broomsticks?
...that Dumbledore has a scar above his left knee that is a perfect map of the London Underground?
...that in 1979, Caractacus Phelps exploded eight...
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A very Happy birthday Harry Potter and the congenital intellect , J.K.Rowling! Today is the day of our hero!. The day that all began!. The day which was written a revolutionary and great book by Rowling. Harry Potter , you are a legend!. More than 15 years your made a splash among every types of people.Rowling, You are the maker of these all things! . You made a world with all things.Rowling , You had paid your every attention even at a bit fact!. That is why this world is in thick of Harry Potter!.According to my opinion that is the main quality that a writter should have!. Ms Rowling again...
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You know very well that you will never have read to much of Harry Potter!!! ::sniffs::
You say things to people like "Wingardium Leviosa!" and "Expelliarmus!" to trolls and incompetent professors.
You've read all the Harry Potter books out so far ten or more times!!! (I have!!!)
You follow any kids around with any of the character's names, prodding them to do magic.
You often call a teacher you don't like "Snape."
You're always getting weird looks from people when you ask if they have possibly seen your toad.
Your parents think you're nuts; this is because you often ride around your home on a broom...
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Soft Harry Potters Fans will expierience:

1. You will actually remember a few of the actual spells/curses/charms/hexes etc..

2. You will propably almost always turn the conversation to Harry Potter.

3. You would have named SOMETHING after a Harry Potter character/object.

4. Whenever Harry Potter is mentioned you'll listen straightaway!

Hardcore Harry Potter Fans will expierience:

1. Whenever Harry Potter comes up in a conversation you'll feel as if they're talking about YOU.

2. You will accidently call someone at SOME POINT a character in Harry Potter.

3. You will propably name almost EVERYTHING after Harry Potter characters/objects

4. You would have read the whole series more than three times. Ditto films.

5. You can quote long passages off by heart.

So dahlings, see if you have any of these symptons and you'll know wether your a fanatic or a just a plain fan. :)
posted by princesscool
so i went to see harry potter last night at the premiere and i really loved it, the part with burrow was cool but considering the next book has burrow parts in it, i have no idea what theyll do! haryy and ginny kiss was way lame and they are my fav so i was disappointed, but chacaters this year were amazing!1 tom felton, bravo!!! amazing, also emma watson, great job portraying your characters!!well i really loved, even though it didnt really stay true to the book but can wait to see the next one on nov 19 2010!! but TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK OF THE MOVIE AND HOW IT COMPARED TO THE BOOK, WHAT YOU LIKED OR DILIKED ANYTHING IS GOOD! LET ME KNOW AND ILL DISCUSS IF YOU WANT!!!! LOVE,AMANDA(PRINCESSCOOL)
posted by GinnyXHarryluv
A/N:If you wanna read this fic I suggest you go look up the written out trailer for it in the Answers section cuz im not willing to explain everything again!!
Disclaimer:I obviously do not own Harry Potter but i do own all six dvds,all seven books,two posters, trading cards, bookmarks, coloring pages,and the HBP video game.

*music playing*
A black haired girl walks out on stage and starts singing.
Oh oh oh it's magic
You know, never believe its not so
It's magic, you know
Never believe it's not so
*'Magic' continues to play as the screen turns dark*
*Purple words appear on the screen,writing the words,...
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posted by kool123
This is a one-shot fanfic I wrote a couple of years ago, and is set at the end of The Goblet of Fire.
Hope you like it! :)

Harry felt so weak…happy…but weak. His worst possible enemy had been brought to immense power. What was he to do now? How was he supposed to live without having some fear inside him?
He sat, lonely and abandoned, on the damp grass in the wondrous Hogwarts grounds, running a hand through his medium length hair. He felt his scar with his fingertips as it tingled slightly from his touch. In his mind, Harry thought of himself as helpless, with no one on his side except for...
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the things i have learnet from harry potter, for example:
"'people who wants auothorty are the people who do not deserve it.but, people who did not want the auothorty and had to be leaders.but, the found theirselves good to be leadres.''
when someone asks me about what i want to be in the future.i answer him/her this;
''the most impotant thing is whatever i will be. it would be something useful for my country and for myself''.
if someone read haary potter series before he/she would understanad what am i saying. the last thing i would like to say is thank you harry potter for every thing you have taught me
posted by sharon-sel
News from J.K. Rowling

Petunia and Vernon Dursley

Harry's aunt and uncle met at work. Petunia Evans, forever embittered by the fact that her parents seemed to value her witch sister more than they valued her, left Cokeworth forever to pursue a typing course in London. This led to an office job, where she met the extremely unmagical, opinionated and materialistic Vernon Dursley. Large and neckless, this junior executive seemed a model of manliness to young Petunia. He not only returned her romantic interest, but was deliciously normal. He had a perfectly correct car, and wanted to do completely...
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posted by simpleplan

•Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone: 30 June 1997
•Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: 2 July 1998
•Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: 8 July 1999
•Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: 8 July 2000
•Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: 21 June 2003
•Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: 16 July 2005
•Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: 21 July 2007

•Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone: 4 November 2001
•Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: 15 November 2002
•Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: 31 May 2004
•Harry Potter...
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posted by dannylynn92
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posted by LifesGoodx3
Fred Weasley
Fred Weasley
Fed Weasley died on May 2nd, 1998. He was fighting alongside his brother Percy in the Battle of Hogwarts.

Most of the time when we see Fred, he's with his twin brother George. The two were inseparable. Whenever we see the two, it's almost inevitable that they're joking around or pulling some sort of prank. But it was never to bully anyone; They were just having a good time, and a good laugh. It seemed that most people liked being around Fred and George, because together they could always make you smile.

Fred and George even helped to get rid of Umbridge, with the help of their pranking ways,...
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posted by june13
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am not a nerd and it only took 3 mins to make am just a big harry potter fan tell me want u think by the why its is post to be funny happy brith day 45th j.k and happy 30th harry
posted by vampiress015
I just have to say that this isn't really Twilight fan-fiction, nor Harry Potter for that matter. It's a mix. I noticed on fan-fiction.net that loads of people were writing them, so I thought I'd give it a go myself. So, anyway, here it is:

Chapter One- The Essence of a Fan

'Edward, we love you!'
'No, I love him more'
'I swear on Jacob's life that I love Edward more than you'
'How does that work? You don't even like Jacob'
'Do too, I'm on Team Switzerland'
'Then you can't love Edward more- you love them both'
'Edward come back!'
Harry jumped out the way as two screaming girls flew past. His...
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HP: Harry discovers he has a special gift which he uses to protect himself, friends and Hogwarts
BT: Zach discovers he has a special gift which he will use to protect his world

Main Characters
HP: Harry, Hermione and Ron – All from England
BT: Zach, Bala and Wen – From England, America and China

HP: Set in England but they go to special places that you can only travel to using magic
BT: Set in England but they go to special worlds (world of love, equality, without money)

HP: Harry has a history with Voldemort and holds the key to his defeat
BT: Zach has the gift that Dhoranka once possessed and is link to Dhorankas evil past

Common features between books often help you choose your next book, which is a good thing. So is Birthright different enough to be considered a similar to Harry Potter or is it just Harry Potter in a different cover?
posted by KateKicksAss
This is the story of one of the Inferi that guarded Voldemort's locket horcrux in the cave. Yes, I took a few creative liberties, but I hope people like it. It's kind of long, but please tell me what you think.

The last thing I remember from my previous life is Lord Voldemort, the words “Avada Kedavra”, and then a flash of green light. Then blackness.

Everything was black, there was nothing, I was just sinking in darkness, I don’t know how long, until suddenly, I was back, and Lord Voldemort was still there, pointing a wand at me.

I know he was the guy that killed me, but I suddenly could...
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posted by Bibelot
Well this is my 1st ever fan fiction. Hope you'll enjoy...
This is a very very short and sad story with a really happy ending if you know what i mean....:D
So here goes......

Once upon a time. a boy named Harry Potter fell in love with a girl named Cho Chang "at first sight" coz he knew it'll all over as soon as she opens her mouth*wink*.....
Anyways...they spent some time together and too soon(for Cho at least) Harry asked her:"will you marry me?"
Cho said:"no!!"

And that's how Harry began to live in peace and happiness!!!....
The two of us; Kaitlyn and I, walked through the large doors and into the Entrance Hall. The entrance Hall was crowded as it always was on the first day. Students of all years were entering in groups, leaving the First Years a little startled. They probably didn’t know where to go, what to do, whom to look for. I smiled to myself, we were just like that! Some five years ago, I realised that we had grown only when I saw the little ones.
“Cal? Caldera?” I turned towards Kaitlyn, who looked irritated.
I raised an eyebrow, “What did I do?”
“We were talking, remember?” she said, furrowing...
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