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This was not written by me. It was written by the twilightsucks.com community. I would try to learn from it except that I fail at Health terms:

Copy and Pasted from the Twilightsucks.com community:
Wikipedia says:

Quote: In literature, a plot is all the events in a story particularly rendered towards the achievement of some particular artistic or emotional effect. In other words, it's what mostly happened in the story or novel or what the story's general theme is based on, such as the mood, characters, setting, and conflicts occurring in a story.

The concept of plot and the associated concept...
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1.Ginny is a perfect character (“Mary Sue”), which Rowling hides by calling her temperamental.
2. Being temperamental is not a flaw if everyone thinks it’s cute and adorable and it gets you a boyfriend.
3. NOBODY can do anything productive without magic.
4. Ginny runs after a train like an idiot even though this isn’t her first time watching the train leave with her brothers. Obviously she’s watch the train leave EVERY SINGLE YEAR OF HER LIFE.
5. Rowling is living out her own fantasies through Hermione, who is clearly herself.
6. The books aren’t well written, just because you make up...
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