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Harry potter reborn dolls
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Harry Potter reborn dolls. I think... most of them... are cute. I'm not sure who all of them are, though.
harry potter
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Taking arms against Harry Potter, at this moment, is to emulate Hamlet taking arms against a sea of troubles. By opposing the sea, you won't end it. The Harry Potter epiphenomenon will go on, doubtless for some time, as J. R. R. Tolkien did, and then wane.

The official newspaper of our dominant counter-culture, The New York Times, has been startled by the Potter books into establishing a new policy for its not very literate book review. Rather than crowd out the Grishams, Clancys, Crichtons, Kings, and other vastly popular prose fictions on its fiction bestseller list, the Potter volumes will...
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Severus Snape is without a dought the deepest most complex character in Harry Potter. His relationship with Harry was quite complicated in the sense that he had a very difficult past with both Harry's parents. On the one hand he was deeply in love with his mother, but on the other hand he absolutaly LOATHED his father. This resulted in the awkward difficult relationship the two of them had throught the books. Snape cared about Harry, but only to the point where he wanted to make sure his physical being was protected, and that he was alive and well. He cared about this, because his love for...
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