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why Ron/Hermione pwn Bella/Edward
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This Harry Potter Vs. Twilight fan art might contain business suit, newspaper, paper, magazine, tabloid, rag, sign, poster, text, and chalkboard.

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I've noticed that alot of members have been saying "Oh yeah, she went crazy over just a boy she only just met. She went a bit over the top, overreacted."

Well this is how I see it. I know I am going to get shit for this, but perhaps this will give you a little more open mindness.

Personal experience: I acted the same, I did everything I possibly could to see him. I tried to commit sucicde, I look back and think .. I was so young, you survive after it.

But Bella was older and what they had was ALOT different to a NORMAL relationship. They were physically made for each other. Which is very powerful...
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