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Harry James Potter
Harry James Potter
This is not my opinion. It's an excerpt from an article titled link. I have however come across a few people who have voiced the same thing. Just curious to know people's thought on this.

Kenny Herzog

I’ve read all of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books—devoured them, really, because whatever her flaws, the lady does a terrific job at building compulsive narratives and enjoyable worlds. But the more time I spend away from the series, the more its problems get to me, and the biggest problem of them all is the main character himself. Harry is, to put it kindly, an absolute no one. He suffers...
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Before you read anything: I happen to enjoy both HP AND T. I also happen to think HP is a billion times better. This is just my opinion. No need to freak out about this article. I am NOT trying to undermine T fans' opinions, I am just stating why I (and at least a few others) get annoyed with T fans.

So most of the posts on here have to do with of course, Harry Potter vs Twilight. But after skimming through comments, I found a shocking amount of crazy responses from twilight fans. This got me thinking. Maybe the reason this fued has grown so large is not because of the question: Is Harry Better,...
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