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And away we go!
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Dan is too adorable (:
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(i have edited this article so there r no spelling mistakes :) )

Hello everyone, today I'm going to tell you why Twilight is a BILLION times better than the Harry Potter. Here are some reasons.

1. First, they are no swear words!! I mean I heard in Hp they is swearing, like "h*ll" and "b*tch" I mean little kids are reading that!! Like 7 and 8 years olds!! It's crazy!!!111 In Twilight, there is no swearing beacuse it is a child safe book :)

2. HP is for kids only!! I mean Twilight is for all ages!!! I haven't read HP but I know only little kids read it!! Twilight is for everyone, my 10 year old...
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"Severus, your not eating again...you know thats bad for you" Dumbledore said lifting his goblet. I sighed. Duh i know it is...that is why i was not eating. As people may know, my look matches my attitude...black, unemotional, and more black. I nodded to the old man and looked away. Glancing to the one table, where the famous trio ate, i spotted the girl of the bunch lay her head down at the table. Not one bite was taken of her meal, and she held her stomach with a free hand. Potter patted her back and said some things to her, while the Weasly boy chewed on his chicken like it was...
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