Harry Potter Vs. Twilight Couples Better than Bella/Edward

GemonkDruid posted on Jun 28, 2010 at 10:05AM
I know this is kinda pointless, and you'll answer with almost every other couple in the whole wide world, but we can at least try.


- Can be a couple or shipping from books, TV, movies, anime, etc., even real life.

- Can be crossover pairings (e.g. Harry Potter/Buffy)

- Has to have at least one similarity to the shipping Bella/Edward

- Try not to repeat pairings

Right, I'll start with a pairing as a tribute to a friend:

VampiresRevenge (real life)/Zack Addy (Bones) - Yeah, I know, I know. Zack Addy isn't real! *sob* But they're still a better couple because A. they're both compatible in smarts and stuff and B. Zack doesn't sparkle. :B

Similarities to Bedward: Well, their "relationship" consists of a stalker (VampiresRevenge [no offence, but seriously, she has, like, a billion photos of Zack Addy]) and a stalkee (Zack, obviously).
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