Harry Potter Vs. Twilight A rant about Twigli...Twilight.

bmarme posted on Nov 12, 2011 at 03:44AM
1.Twiglit. Probably the worst book in history.

2. Fancy words does not equal to a good book.

3. It's like shit covered in something pretty.


5. Sparkling Vampires. Really?

6. Bella's a sue, and you know it.

7. Cullen lives in a forest, sparkles and does not eat humans. They're obvious faries.

8. Of all places, why does the Volturi have to live in Italy? (hetaliaaaaaaaaa)

9. Renesme. How the hell could she be born?

10. Stalkers are not attractive.

11. Nor are dudes who barely wear a shirt.

12. Again. Sparkles.

13. Bella is clearly Meyer's wish-fulfillment author avatar.

14. The book's like a horribly-written fanfic.

15. Bella has no definite emotion aside from her pokerface.

16. Edward Cullen is NOT HOT.

17. Nor is Jacob.

18. Edward's a pedophile.

19. The graphic novel-- or the manga in Japan does not make the book look good. Same story, same suckish plot.

20. The fans are rabid.

21. The book itself is a disgrace too all women worldwide. Bella depends on Cullen a bit TOO much.

22. Edward can read minds. That's considered as God-Moding, since, he knows what the hell others are planing to do.

23. Bella is the worst role model that every young girl could have.

24. I was once, too, a twiglit fan and now regrets it.

25. That book's a bookseller?

26. I don't give a flying fudge on how hot the characters are, I give a fudge on their personalities.

27. Vampires are too generic.

28. Twi-moms.

29. Teen pregnancy is not good thing.

30. I've read the books, and they're not pretty. They're just your generic soap dramas with vampires and stalking in it.

Feel free to hate this rant or join it.
I mistyped it as "Twiglit" purposely.
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Seems legit.
over a year ago venvargie said…
Well said.
over a year ago ClaireVoyant said…
haha i laugh at point 28. true, true.

when i read your tittle i misread it to *twiglypuff
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over a year ago emmarupertluver said…
Theres girls at my school who "love" twilighT. So the day Breaking Dawn came out I was ill as crap. Cause that afternoon I was going to be forced to go see it and the stupid girls wouldn't shut up about it. One of the girls went to the resort of wearing a twilight shirt. She showed me her shirt during AIG recycling. I almost slapped her. So by lunch my best friend wasn't there and the girls still wouldn't shut up so I yelled at her, SHUT THE CRAP UP! I DON'T FRIGGIN CARE ABOUT TAYLOR LAUTNER AN HOW "HOT" HE IS. YOU PEOPLE ARE INSANE SYCOTIC FREAKS! ITS THE WORST BOOK/MOVIE SERIES EVER! STEPHINIE MEYER HAS NO ENGLISH ABLITIES AT ALL! SO SUCK IT! she ran off crying with her friends by her sides. People applauded me and this girls boyfriend came up to me hugged me and whispered Crazy B**th in my ear. Yes I know a bit harsh. Although I dont feel bad nOne would stand up to her.
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over a year ago avrilsmylife said…
Why hate on it? If you don't like the books keep it to yourself just saying no need to be mean
over a year ago slytherin713 said…
@avrilsmylife: umm...pretty much everything here shows hate......
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