Harry Potter Vs. Twilight 1000 ways to annoy a Harry Potter fan using Twilight.

twilightlover73 posted on Sep 15, 2011 at 03:56PM
I know this might turn out silly and cheesy, but lets all think of ways we can annoy a Harry Potter fan using twilight. Now this forum is for Twilight fans but Harry Potter fans can join as well.

Please do not take this as an offense because this is all just a joke. With all respect to all Harry Potter fans (including me xD).

You can publish as many points as you want. I'll try to publish some now. So here we go.

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over a year ago twilightlover73 said…
1. Tell them that someone who is obsessed with an amazing, badass, hot vampire is way cooler than someone obsessed with a boring, hysteric, not hot guy who wears rounded nerd glasses.
2. Go up to a Harry Potter fan, scream 'Bella! Bella! BELLA!!!! YOU'RE AWESOME!!!!' when they say 'I know right!' say 'Oh no I meant Isabella Swan'
3. tell them that someone creating a half vampire half human character is way more creative than someone creating some retards who run around with sticks shouting words that aren't even English.
4. Tell them Aro is wway more handsome than the nose-less Voldemort.
5. Write Joan Rowling a very long hate letter in front of them and mutter what you're writing out loud.
6. When they start talking about Harry Potter, pretend to be staring into space, after a few hours of their talking, when they are finally finished, say 'huh? what? oh sorry I didn't hear you, I've been thinking of Twilight'
7. Tell them that Robert died on purpose to star in some awesome books like Twilight. When they start to argue, cover your ears loudly and start singing 'Dumbledore is gay! Dumbledore is gay!' at your loudest voice.

I'm a Harry Potter fan, not a Twilight one, so it's pretty hard for me to think of reasons but I did my best. (If you're wondering about my username, I used to be a huge twilight fan when I first made this account so yeah) I bet you guys can think of more awesome reasons. Can't wait to see them ;)
over a year ago zanhar1 said…
8. Say Bella is better then Bellatrix
9. Repeat that step a few times

Yup that'll get me
over a year ago cassie-1-2-3 said…
10. Tell them that Emma Watson stole Kristen Stewart's hair style. (That makes me laugh)
11. Tell them that Stephenie Meyer used a much broader vocabulary than Rowling.
12. Say "Using 'siriusly' instead of 'seriously' is no better than using 'OME' instead of 'OMG'"
13. Just saying "I find Twilight to be more intellectually stimulating than Harry Potter" tends to almost always work.