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Just so you know, this is a Twilight fan speaking.

Twilight may NOT be the best book ever, i didnt say that it was (keep that in mind), when i read it, i saw alot of flaws, like in breaking dawn, Meyer made it clear that vamps cant inject sperm, and yet, somehow Bella got pregnant. I've read this article by XDRoseLuvsHP, and i totaly agree. I believe that People like Twilight more thatn HP because it...
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Okay. I know what you are all thinking. Oh no not another Harry Potter vs. Twilight article but yes I am making one because I can. I just want my opinion to be heard. So first off let me list the reasons why children, teens and adults can love Harry Potter and the good messages that Harry Potter gets across. Harry Potter first of all teaches people about the very special bond between people called friendship. Harry, Hermione and Ron are a perfect example of friendship. They are all with Harry until the very end like they promised. They risk their lives for each other and even though they fight,...
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It's pretty obvious from just my username that I am a 'Twilighter',but I will try not to be biast in this article. So, lets compare the two...

Which made more money?

♥ The movie 'Twilight' made $69,637,740 in the USA and £2,508,422 in the UK, in its opening weekend. 'Harry Potter and the sorcerers stone/philosphers stone' made $90,294,621 in the USA and £16,335,627 in the UK, in its opening weekend.

♥ 'New Moon' in its opening weekend made $142,839,137 in the USA and £11,683,158 in the UK, whereas 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets' made $88,357,488 in the USA and £18,871,829 in...
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posted by LilysLittleTwin
Essay Three in my ‘What’s Wrong with Twilight’ or WWT series, is entitled “Bella is Messed Up”. We will be exploring what is wrong with Bella by examining her choices and actions. I may later test her on a psychoanalysis test.

One, she is pathetically whiny. You could open any page of a book and find one where she’s whining. TwiFans try to cover this up by pre-bookmark-ing a book at a page with a description of the setting (One of the so very few there are). She always begs Edward to turn her into a vampire, even when he blatantly refuses her pleadings every time.

Two, she is too...
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posted by PotterLambert93
As you can tell, I do not like Twilight. However, there is one character in the "saga" that I definatley agree with. That person happens to be... Rosalie.

Sure Rosalie is a Bitch most of the time, but when you watch her in "Eclipse" [my sister made me watch all the movies] you actually discover why she acts like that, especially towards Bella, and to be honest, I can't really blame her. In fact, I actually felt bad for her, and heres why:

In "Eclipse" Rosalie explains to Bella about what it's like to be a vampire, and the consequences. Rosalie was once a human in the 1930's era who had so many...
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Okay, SO many people are saying that Harry Potter is better than Twilight. That’s SO not true!
Twilight is a timeless tale of love, then love lost and found again. It shows how love can get you through everything. It’s such a sweet story about the things people do for love, like Bella goes all the way to Italy to save Edward from the Volturi, for instance.
Also, Twilight is MUCH more creative, I mean, Stephenie Meyer created a new kind of Vampire, instead of just using a stereotypical, Dracula type Vampire. I mean, they sparkle, how...
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posted by slytherin713
Twilight or Harry Potter? That's all I see here. And here are some "reasons" each of us came up with.
NOTE: I'm a HP fan, nothing against Twilight though.

•Edward is hot.
ME: Umm...not really to me...wait..books or movies?
•JK Rowling failed at love.
ME: Lily Evans gave her life for Harry, and lots more.
•It has a love triangle.
ME: Well...HP has love triangles too. Hermione, Lavender, Ron. Harry, Ginny, Cho. Cho, Harry, Cedric. Severus, Lily, James. And LOADS more.
•Harry Potter is only about a fairy tale. It has a boy who raises a stick in the air and never dies.
ME: Well...vampires...
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Two days ago, i suffered from a huge headache. Now. it was the size of Hogwarts. HUGE. I stumbled my way down the halls and went into my dorm. While on my bed, i layed down and closed my eyes. Why was i feeling so sick? why was it lasting this long? and most importantly...
why did i want to kill Harry for?
i opened my eyes and gasped. where did that thought come from? Kill harry? I would never! (unless he tried to kiss me again maybe..) "Mione..." Ron said from the doorway. i groaned. "What?" he layed the food tray by my bed and nodded. "Still feeling under the weather, huh?" he asked sitting...
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posted by cassie-1-2-3

*All credit goes to youknowit101. He's not familiar with html tags, so he asked me to perform all the fancy link tricks. All information was provided from him. Though, I did assist in editing; revising; and providing alternate wording, from this point on, you are hearing strictly from youknowit101.

Some of you do not approve of the recent images I have added to this spot. I claimed they were intended to provide a sense of balance to the obvious, unnecessary, counterproductive prejudice against Twilight. Here is a list of images I've added, accompanied by an opposing image against Twilight....
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posted by GemonkDruid
Twilight fans, this is a debate spot. So DEBATE. There are a few issues I see at this spot concerning you guys:

- Saying it's better because Edward/Jacob is hot

Okay, those kind of arguments are instantly invalid, coz beauty is subjective and depends on one's perspective. Also, can you actually SEE what they look like in the book series? Nope. And the inside of the person is what really counts.

- Saying it's better coz it's a love story

What Bella and Edward have is not love, it's infatuation. They only like each other because of how the other person looks like/smells. They never chit-chat like...
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twiligh is so better then harry poter becauz twilight is a LUV stoty and harry potter has no luve at all.it also has VAMPIREZ wich are REEL unlike wizards from hp. plus you can realat to bella more then hary becuz bella has FELLINGS. and do i even need to menchon edward? he is so SEXY. jakob is to. no one in harry potter is as hot as edward culen!! they had rober patenson in harry potter but that was the only reazon i watched it. twilight is also more exiting then harry potteer. whoevr can balence out love and exitment mmusr be a great writer! ans stefinie meyers came up with new creaturs and...
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I would like to start by quoting Susanna Laitala, who wrote a review of Breaking Dawn for a Finnish newspaper: "... by Stephenie Meyer, who, in my opinion, is a very talented writer." I disagree: I do not think Meyer could write even a decent children's book, with a plot culminating in a giraffe finding his lost scarf. She would probably decide that the giraffe is suddenly carnivore who has green stripes instead of brown spots - she has already done so to the beloved villains of literature, vampires. Meyer's vampires are in fact 'vegetarian': they drink only animal blood. In addition, they...
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posted by harrypotterbest
Severus Snape. The man we all hated. Then loved. Then went back to hating. And then we positively loathed him. But, after, we found out hi story. And, when we knew the truth, what did we feel? Love.
Yes, we ended up loving Severus Snape. Because, once we knew HIS side of the story, it was clear.
Snape had a difficult childhood, which probably led to his disturbed adulthood. But we knew nothing about this until we read The Deathly Hallows. And after we found out, found out exactly what he had suffered through, our emotions changed. Snape is one of the deepest characters in Harry Potter, and...
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posted by GemonkDruid
Too true!
Too true!
I discovered these song spoofs in my writing folder from my "Uber-Anti" stage, and I decided to share it with you guys, for the sake of nostalgia and whatnot.

Dumb Isabella (spoof on Umbrella by Rihanna)-

You wanna be, a sparkly Meyer-pire like me
Maybe in your dreams, but never in reality
Until you agree, to take my hand and marry me
And that's when you’ll want me there
to turn you into a vampire

You’re a stupid Sue who wants us together
Told you I'll be here forever
Said I'll always be your bitch
Took an oath I regret, you crazy witch
Now it's raining more than ever
But we’re...
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posted by GemonkDruid
First, let me get this straight: I'm not a fan of Twilight. In fact, I hate it. But I can see why everyone's so hyped up about it.

You see, I've recently been introduced to a new theory- The Twelve-Year-Old girl theory. It's mostly used in music, like for popular icons like Hannah Montana, Justin Bieber, the Jonas Brothers, but Twilight also fits into this catagory.

What is the Twelve-Year-Old girl theory, you might ask? Well, let's just look at people at the age of twelve first. When you turn twelve, you're on the thin line between childhood and the teen years. You're young and vulnerable,...
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WTF?! Sparkly vampires?!
WTF?! Sparkly vampires?!
1. A decent plot.
2. A plot.
3. Character death.
4. Quidditch.
5. Voldemort.
6. Bellatrix Lestrange.
7. Severus Snape (The best of all)
8. Hogwarts.
9. Magic.
10. A wand.
11. An all-ages audience.
12. A writer who doesn't make her characters bitches.
13. Vampires that don't sparkle.
14. Harry Potter.
15. Hermione Granger.
16. Ron Weasley.
17. The *very awesome* Weasleys.
18. Giants.
19. Broomsticks.
20. Triwizard Tournaments.
21. A lightning-shaped scar on the forehead of the main protagonist.
22. Draco Malfoy.
23. Real werewolves.
24. The Marauders.
25. The Order of the Phoenix.
26. Dumbledore's Army.
27. Death Eaters....
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posted by Aquilia
O Tempora o Mores
Oh the times, oh the customs

This article is an appeal to all Twilight fans out there, I invite you all to think over your good and bad actions here on fanpop and contemplate them.

I have seen and compared examples of the appearances of the fandoms Harry Potter and respectively Twilight when criticism appear in each other’s sites on fanpop and I am astounded by the comparatively aggressive tone the Twilight fans carried when they respond to the said criticism.

Compare the responses of: link

And: link ;

Notes are to be made that both internet addresses were found by searching...
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posted by TeamSiriusBlack
I did not write this.
1. Bella is a perfect character (“Mary Sue”), which Meyer hides by calling her clumsy.

2. Being clumsy is not a flaw if Edward always catches her.
3. She can’t do anything without Edward.
4. And when he leaves she attempts to commit suicide.
5. Meyer is living out her own fantasies by writing about Bella, who is clearly herself.
6. The books aren’t well written, just because every other word is a fancy adjective doesn’t make it good writing.
7. All the rules Meyer sets for being a vampire are broken by the end of the series.
8. Not only that, she breaks rules set by...
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posted by SiRiUsLy_bLaCk
Stephenie Meyer explicitly pointed out that "feminism" is "being able to choose." I agree with this entirely; the right to choose is important.

But the right to choose is only part of the question. When given the chance to choose, which path do we choose? Do we choose to let men into our lives and still maintain our independence, or do we choose to allow men to dominate our lives, both physically and psychologically?

In the case of Bella Swan, she chose the second path.

In my opinion, choosing that road is no different from choosing at all. Choices, as we all know, split into right and wrong....
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posted by HecateA
This is my HP fanfiction, I hope I'm allowed to post it here. If it belongs on the HP spot I'll move it. This is my first HP fanfiction so have mercy on me and I hope you enjoy it!

Disclaimer: I own no characters but Erica, Nathaly, Van, Veola and Harbeck

To: All the muggleborns who are still waiting for that letter

I looked at the picture of the 3 laughing kids. These 3 kids were killing themselves, and they were moving. I could name them. My sister’s friends. Veola Madgey, a girl with blond flowing hair and flowers placed here and there, her cheeks full and face cheerful; Van Teeje a tough...
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