Let's just get this straight before you go harping on my article because I'm a Twitard. Because I'm not. I'm just getting a little sick of Bella Swan being called "too perfect". She's perfect about to the extent that I am a Twilight fan. Which is to say, not at all.

OK, Let me tell you a story about a REAL Mary-Sue.

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Anastasia B. Ana was in 6th grade, she was tiny for the age of ten (she skipped kindergarten), she was absolutely adorable, and she was in Gifted and 7th grade math. Boys all loved her, and she could crochet, knit, and she had perfect handwriting. She could play the clarinet well and she was an avid reader. She was also very religious and sweet, never disrespecting her friends.

Does Bella Swan seem so perfect now? And now let's see what Mrs. Cullen/Swan has to say for herself.

Once upon a time,there was a girl named Bella Swan. She was beautiful and all the boys wanted her. She was smart and was horrible to her friends. She could play no musical instrument, and her handwriting is anybody's guess. Her religion is not mentioned enough to stick in my head, and when she got a boyfriend, her friends left her only because she left them. She relies on her boyfriend for everything, and when he leaves her, she jumps off cliffs to hear his voice.

Does she sound so Mary-Sueish compared to Anastasia? And here's the twist: Anastasia is an actual person. Mary-Sues aren't just in books.

Here's my conclusion:

Bella Swan was written to be perfect. The small hints of her leading a perfect life, having no problems and consequences, etc. were meant to make her perfect. She was written as a Mary-Sue, probably unintentionally, and yet failed miserably.

PS... to zanhar1: Thank you for making that point in my original draft. I changed it and really appreciate the tip. Thanks!