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Harry Potter Vs. Twilight Question

PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR SOME GOOD STUFF!Im not asking for you to join a spot...

This is my opinian about the whole twilight vs. harry potter thing...

Many of you have been talking about peace and this club.People fight on this club(i think)because...
They want there opinians to be heard
They want to help people(they think there helping)
like there book better
They enjoy the fights
want to here others opinians
Simply because they are a be-atch
Because fighting is in the human nature

So what do you think peoples?Do you think this club isnt peaceful enof?Tell me your opinions,not on the books, but what i just said and the club i general.When you awser this,please do not yell fight,get angry and use the words "i disaree".
 emmaterry posted over a year ago
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Harry Potter Vs. Twilight Answers

catsrule465 said:
In my opinion, discussing two book series and comparing them is really fun. It shows us what other people's opinions are. Whichever side we are on, we are definitely going to argue our points... What would be the point of a VS spot if we didn't? If there was peace here, there would be nothing to talk about, no new conversations or questions, and everything interesting about this spot would dissapear. So, in a way, sometimes its good to dicuss opposing opinions on topics as facsinating as the two most popular teen books that have been written for awhile. This spot could possibly broaden your views on the series. For example, if someone had only read the Harry Potter books, and none of the Twilight books, then they would not be able to form a valid opinion on either one in comparison to the other... So maybe this spot could convince people to give the other series a chance instead of hearing what other people have to say about it first. In a way this would make the arguing a bit more subtle, and it wouldnt be a battle field every time someone posts some opinions. Anyone here agree with me?
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posted over a year ago 
I couldn't have said it better myself. it's because of this place I actually went and read Twilight. I won't say it was a waste of time, but I definitely didn't like them.
lilith84 posted over a year ago
thankyou :) I have read both Twilight and Harry Potter, and Harry Potter is my favorite of the two. I used to enjoy the Twilight Saga a ton a couple years ago, and i even cried whenever i couldnt get Breaking Dwan from Barnes and Noble the first day it came out. But i have recently re-read the HP series, and have decided that it was overall a better book :)
catsrule465 posted over a year ago
Im with you.
TeamSiriusBlack posted over a year ago
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