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Indiana Rose Evans is an Australian singer/actress who is best known for he role in home and away and has played the role of Isabelle " Bella" Heartly. She grew up in New South Wales but is now in Sydney, Australia. She has been preforming since she was 5. At the age of 7 her parents enrolled her at dance lessons.At the age of 10 she took intrest in musical instraments and began percussion lessons before joining an agency. During her 1st year she started modeling and attended castings for TV comersals. Before starting Home ad Away Indiana started high school at Newtown school for preforming...
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Do you want do be a mermaid as Rikki, Emma and Cleo? Now you can! This is a film about how to do a marmaid tail (VERY easily). In the second part you can see the effect - girl swimming in her own tail.
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This Video Has 2 Mermaid Spells , I Made It .. Hope You Guys Like It ! < 3
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