Green Day Anyone interested in a 'Warning' Album Hat?

Crafty1 posted on Mar 14, 2013 at 01:12PM
Hey there dudes, I have a Green Day hat from the 'Warning' Album era (2000-ish) that I am looking to sell to a happy home. This is my first time on this site/forum, apologies if I'm not supposed to advertise in this manner, but after having it up on eBay (wasn't looking for much, $5 or $10) and it not selling I figured that not many Green Day fans would've done a search for that kinda thing. Well, not many 'true' Green Day fans anyway... So yeah, this is your chance to snap up a little gem from an era that kinda got lost in the band's past. If you'd like it then I guess just reply to this post eh?

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