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Gravity Falls Question

So I've been writing a "fanfic sequel" to Gravity Falls...

and was wondering, should I post some of the episodes here? They're mostly episodic style-scripts. For those interested, here's the premise:
Eightteen years have passed since Dipper and Mabel's fateful summer in Gravity Falls, and both have become world reknown paranormal investigators. All that changes when Dipper begins investigating a series of deaths committed by a monster calling itself "The Freak", soon Mabel disappears, leaving only the Freak's trademark message, and a note telling Dipper "You've been warned." Five years later Dipper has formed a team of investigators called the "Fallers" who have taken up residence in Gravity Falls, where they investigate a variety of supernatural cases in and around the town, while cooperating with the the newly run Police Dept. however, Mabel's disappearance continues to weigh on Dipper, who knows one thing. No matter how many monsters and killers he puts away, his goal is the same, find the Freak, and find the truth behind Mabel's disappearance.

What do you guys think? Should I start posting? Any opinions are appriciated!
 adamk posted over a year ago
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Gravity Falls Answers

Heathercloud said:
Yes you should post it.
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posted over a year ago 
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