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This may be a stupid question...

In Summerween when Stan, Soos, Mabel, and Dipper were in the store getting Summerween supplies, the checkout lady called for backup and said "Have security come and eject the Pines family" last time my brother and I watched that episode, my brother said "Well technecally one of them isn't a Pine" and just a few minutes ago the question struck me: Is Soos a member of the Pines family? I mean we've never been given his last name, and he does seem to spend A LOT of time with the Pines family. From my memory the main thing that would suggest he's not is the fact that he calls Stan Mr. Pines...
I don't know, just a thought..
What do you guys think?
*please excuse any mispellings
Thanks for reading :)
I HATE that. Everytime I watch that episode, I yell to the TV, "Soos isn't related to the twins or Stan!" Sadly, the employee in the Summerween Superstore didn't hear me.
anna618 posted over a year ago
 ifbrd posted over a year ago
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knjohnson1127 said:
I don't think he is part of the Pines family at all either.

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posted over a year ago 
MarineHolocaust said:
nah i don't think he is. since he spends so much time there they prolly just associate him with them. plus it's easier than saying "the pines family + that other guy"
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posted over a year ago 
gravityfalls said:

A tad if it is. What it means to take the family Pines is:
1. Maybe if it Soos family.
Two. You can speak the clerk (or whoever) in general is, to the family Pines.Como almost all that was there were family Pines.
Three. You might as soos Pines was with the family, had also throw or the security may think that all they had were family Pines
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posted over a year ago 
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