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    As Blair was figuring out how to explain to their children what she had planned for their futures, Chuck was wondering why she had never told him any of this. She planned to tell each child one by one about what she did during her pregnancy with them. “Do I start with Roxanne or Cameron first, Chuck?” Blair asked.
    “My guess is to tell Roxanne first since she’s the oldest and then work your way down the line. I’ll be here if they have any questions after you tell them.” Chuck answered.
    Chuck called the children down and told them that Blair had something to tell them and that he would be there for them if they had any questions after hearing what their mother had to say. “Roxanne? I did something while I was pregnant with you that I need to tell you.” Blair started.
    “What did you do, Mom?” Roxanne asked.
    “How do you feel about Jason? Do you like him?”
    “Yes, I like him. Why are you asking me this?”
    “Jason is your fiancé, sweetheart. Serena and I arranged for the two of you to marry when you’re ready. Nate and your father had no idea that we did this. She and I agreed that the time has come for us to come clean with each of our children.”
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