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A Million Love Songs Later

A/N: Argh! I just got my Gossip Girl Season 2 Part 1 DVD I've been watching it all day and I can not believe how much I underrated Oh brother where Bart thou? I thought it wasn't that good but re watching it. It's amazing! I love the CB hug it's so epic I didn't really appreciate it watching it on-line but now that's one of my favourite scenes and I just adore the song they put with it Signs. Oh my God I LOVE it. Anyway this chapter isn't that great I don't think, I rushed it a bit, I just wanted to update sooner than I have been doing recently. And I've just realised that the Gossip Girl finale in on the 18th in America so I'll watch it on the 19th and on the 18th my exams start and I really should be revising but I can't not watch the finale so I'm taking an hour off! LOL =D
Anyway thanks for reading and this is another flashback episode to five years ago after Blair cheated on her boyfriend with Chuck, so please leave me some comments really appreciate it. Thanks xoxo

Chapter 10: Truth is Out

        Nate and Blair had returned from Paris. It was a wonderful. They had spent mornings laying in bed in each other's arms just watching the sun rise behind the Eiffel Tower. It was beautiful.
Nate thought of how lucky he was to have Blair.
She was the most amazing woman in the world, as she lay asleep next to him each morning he could see past all of her imperfections and see the unique, perfect Blair that was no one else's. She was his and now the wedding day was growing closer he could not wait, he would have to go purchase a suit in the coming weeks and he would have to get a best man. Blair would have to pick her bridesmaids, her dress, vale...Headband, and all the guests would need to be invited so much to do so little time. But for the moment he would just lay next to his fiancé without a worry in the world.
_ _ _
        Chuck was back in the city...But not alone. He was with Gabrielle.
As it happens she was in London on business too and as it happens from New York. She and Chuck had really hit it off and not only in the business sense.
She was hoping that Chuck would ask her out in London but he didn't. He waited until they were back in Manhattan.
That really made Gabby's day.
Actually thinking about it being asked out by Chuck Bass would make anyone's day but actually being with someone new actually did Chuck the world of good. Ever since meeting Gabby he hadn't thought about Blair once.
Not once.
Maybe that was the cure, find a new woman.
_ _ _
        It was seven thirty on that Thursday night. Blair had just been working at the library on a new book this one was sure to be a best seller. She had taken a bit of a break from writing and working to spend more time with Nate but now she was back in the fast lane it was time to get back into work.
Just as she was walking along 74th and 3rd she was stopped in her tracks.
“Hey you're back”
It was Bass. He smiled at her.
She seemed to be seeing more of Chuck than she was of Nate these days.
He was everywhere.
“How was Paris?”
Chuck asked genuinely interested. He was sort of hoping that the trip had been a disaster that they had some sort of fight that ruined the whole trip. But no such luck.
“It's was wonderful thank you”
Even though it wasn't what he wanted to hear he put on a smile like he was happy for her and for a minute Blair actually believed him and she smiled back.
For the next split second they made perfect eye contact like they had done when they saw eachother for the first time for years.
It was a look of pure love.
Until that female voice came and called from the limo.
“Chuck come on or we'll miss our table for dinner”
Blair popped her head to the side to see who was calling him.
“Who's that?”
Chuck looked back at Gabby then back at his one true love.
“Oh that's...”
He said with a grin on his face he would actually take pleasure in telling Blair he had a girlfriend just to see the reaction on her face but then she smiled innocently at him waiting for his answer and seeing that beautiful smile changed his mind, he didn't want to hurt her. “...That's no one”
She said realising what she was to him.
“It thought you'd given up hookers?”
“I have, a long time ago Gabby's not a...”
Blair was trying to listen but gazing down at her watch she noticed the time. It was eight already, she was meant to be home half an hour ago, Dan and Katie were coming over.
“Oh look Chuck I'd love to stop and chat but I've got somewhere to be so I'll say bye”
“Oh anywhere nice?”
“Dinner with Dan. Remember him? Dan Humphrey?”
Chuck laughed as he thought of Dan Humphrey. Even though they were both living in the city they hadn't crossed paths, that was odd, or maybe Dan was just avoiding Chuck. They never did get on did they?
_ _ _
        Even though she was half an hour late it made no difference no one even noticed when Blair arrived, Nate and Katie were setting the table and Dan was busy watching the NFL.
Nate called on them for dinner within the next few minutes. Soon talk turned to the baby and the news that Dan and Katie had to share with their new found friends.
“Do you know what it is yet?”
Nate asked.
“Yeah we do”
Katie said in a sour kind of tone.
“What? Is it not what you wanted?”
“Oh no I didn't mind if it was a boy or a girl, but it does bother me when it's one of each”
Blair and Nate dropped their knifes and forks along with their jaws.
Nate seemed usually confused. Blair was speechless but finally muttered some words out.
“One of each?! Twins?! Oh my God”
“Honey it's gonna be fine we'll cope”
Dan said placing his hand on Katie's and reassured her.
“Oh yeah that's fine for you to say you're not the one who's gonna have two screaming babies coming out of you”
Dan glanced over at Blair who was trying to stop herself from laughing. Dan grinned back at her while Nate was still getting used to the fact.
“Hey stop laughing. You wont be laughing when I've knocked you out half a dozen times and that will be shock to your system not being punched before”
“That's not strictly true, remember Yale Blair?”
It was at at that moment Blair swung her head to gaze at Dan and he knew he'd put his foot in it. She wasn't smiling anymore.
“What happened at Yale?”
Nate asked very curious about Blair and Dan's past together.
Blair snapped
“No. Nothing”
Dan tried to cover up for his friend but Nate wasn't completely stupid he could he from Blair and Dan's eye contact they were hiding something.
“But you said...Blair what happened?”
Blair tried to cover up her lies with a truth but it wasn't going to work. Nate was not about to be lied to.
“Dan just got punched that's it”
His mouth told a lie and his face told a different story. Now Blair knew once Nate would find out it would be over. She would have lost him again and for the exact same reason.
“You idiot Humphrey!”
She growled at him in that sarcastic tone that he knew all too well.
Nate sat there gazing at Blair one second then at Dan the next if he was confused before he had no idea what he was in for. The truth of the missing five years in Blair's life was about to come out.
_ _ _
        Five years earlier.
It was the morning after Blair had spent the night with Chuck and the day she had abandoned him. She was making her way back to New Haven in her car. Blair thought she shouldn't be driving in the condition she was in. Tired, confused, guilty Mark was going to kill her. If he found out she had been with Chuck of all people Chuck Bass, Mark would explode. He had never liked Chuck he had known him since his teenage years he thought Chuck was cocky, vulgar, crude. Blair thought it too but she saw all the positives in him that Mark didn't.
        Blair arrived back at the apartment it was half past eleven. It was time to confess. If Mark hadn't of guessed it already, he must of known she was with someone else but if he knew it was Chuck that would destroy him. Anyone but Chuck.
As Blair pushed her key into the key hole and the door swung open she entered to see Dan and Mark sitting in the dining room together.
As Dan saw Blair walk through the door he knew she had been unfaithful and he knew exactly who with.
“Where the hell were you?”
Mark got straight to the point and Blair begun with a lie. Confessing was easier said than done.
“I was at a Emily's”
“It was our anniversary Blair”
“I know but she was really upset she's just broken up with her boyfriend”
Another lie.
“Don't give me that crap...” Blair was trying to stop herself from looking at Dan because if he made eye contact with her she knew he would be able to tell where she had been and who with unknown to Blair, Dan already knew. Mark had suspected where she had been. He knew she had been missing New York City recently more than before it was the time around her birthday she was missing it, but he could never realise why. But he knew the past between Chuck and Blair all to well and when he saw Blair barely able to hold back the tears and Dan gazing at her he thought he knew. “...Tell me you weren't with Chuck Bass”
Silence. Blair didn't know what to say back. Dan dropped his head and gazed at the floor, he thought of what Blair had told him about Mark and how much he hated Chuck. Dan had to do something.
“I'll kill him”
“Wait Mark...”
She was going to tell him the truth. “I wasn't with Emily. I was with....I...”
Dan remembered what Blair had done for him a few years ago without her he wouldn't be at Yale. She had made it obvious to the committee at Yale if they should accept anyone it should be Dan Humphrey and not her. But luck be it they both got in and not it was time to pay back that debt.
“She was with me”
Blair was so confused. Why was Dan doing this for her?
“Dan. What? You and Blair?”
Blair said surprised.
“No Blair it's okay he needs to know the truth....I love her”
Mark turned filled with anger towards the man who had been unfaithful with his girlfriend only it shouldn't be Dan who was at the receiving end of the punch it should be Chuck.
After Mark had gotten his anger out on the innocent Dan Humphrey he marched out of the apartment with such rage that he wouldn't be coming back in a hurry.
        After a few minutes Blair helped Dan with his ice pack, but she needed an answer why had Dan protected her like that.
“Dan...Why did you do that?”
Struggling to hold the ice on his nose and talk at the same time he muttered,
“He would have killed Chuck otherwise”
“How do you know...”
Blair gave out a small grin. She thought it was funny how Dan knew it was Chuck, he must know her better than she thought.
“It was Chuck? Because I know Blair Waldorf”
She grinned.
“But still why?”
“I'm just defending a friend”
“I'm a friend?”
“Unless being friends with Dan Humphrey is just too shameful?”
He giggled but it was painful to do so.
“I'd say being friends with Dan Humphrey is something to be proud of...” For the first time ever Blair was grateful to have Dan around usually he was just annoying now not so much. She took the the ice pack away from him for that one second and kissed him on the cheek.
“...Thank you. You probably saved Chuck from one hell of a beating”
It was true. If Mark had known it was Chuck, he would be half dead at this moment.
“No problem Blair. So what happened?”
“He said he loved me...” The tears that appeared the previous evening began to flow again. Dan knew how alone she must of felt but he was there for her, he grabbed onto her hand.
“I said I didn't want him”
Dan remained speechless he didn't want to say anything in case he put his foot in his mouth again and in case the judge in him came racing back to the surface.
For a while neither of them spoke, Dan still held onto Blair's hand as she wept in front of him and he finally said,
“Do you love him?”
“Of course I do but neither of us can make the other happy, we're miserable when we're with eachother and I hate that. I love him so much but he will always be Chuck Bass and when he's Chuck Bass he doesn't care about anyone so how can he possibly love me?”
Blair confessed while crying more and more. Dan moved to sit beside her and he gave her the support she needed.
It was ever since then that Blair Waldorf and Dan Humphrey had nothing but respect for eachother. They were now firm friends, or best friends. Blair didn't know how lucky she was to have a friend like Dan. He was a true friend and she regretted the past they had, when she had treated him so terribly and he had judged her so quickly.
It was ever since that night that Dan and Blair were best friends.
_ _ _
        Present Time.
The table was quiet. Blair had a single tear running down her cheek. Nate finally spoke.
“You slept with Chuck?”
The tension in the atmosphere could be cut with a knife. Dan could tell a fight was just about to erupt.
“We better leave, we'll call”
Katie said. She and Dan felt very awkward being in the middle of this fight so they made a quick dash for the door making little fuss as they left. As soon as the door swung shut the fight continued.
“Why didn't you tell me?”
“Nate we weren't even together then”
“But you cheated on Mark with Chuck and we both know we've been there. It kinda like you can't say no to him”
She had to reply to that because that's how it was. She could never stay faithful to anyone she was with as long as Chuck was around.
She stood up and tried to hold around him but he pulled away from her.
“Just don't...I'm gonna go”
“Where are you going?”
“I'll check into a hotel I just can't be with you right now. You're not who I fell in love with”
“Yes I am. I'm still Blair”
“You're not my Blair. Your his”
That was the last sentence he spoke before he left leaving Blair alone.
“I love you”
She whispered as he shut the door behind him. She waited for a minute begging God that he would come back. He didn't.
Now it seemed he might never come back. Blair had lost Nate again and all because of Chuck. It seemed anytime she began to felt happiness there he would be. But it was cowardly blaming Chuck she was as much to blame if she hadn't of slept with him all those years ago. Everything would be fine. But now everything most defiantly not fine.


A/N: Sorry for the lateness again. Ah so glad got it finished though we're just under half way to the end now. Yes there's around 10-16 more chapters to come. (I have a lot of ideas.) LOL. I had just been getting some expert views on my story to see whether I should continue it so I gave it to a family friend who is a writer and she said it was really good for someone of my age. So that really gave me a confidence boost. So I wont be stopping with this story. Hope you're all happy about that? Anyway thanks for reading and comments are much appreciated xoxo
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