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A/N: Here's the second chapter of mine (rush7) and waldorf's fanfiction

Ring ring.

Chuck looked at the phone and sighed when he saw who was calling them. Humphrey. ”It's for you, sis”.
Serena reached for the phone and suddenly looked very uncomfortable. Chuck frowned.
”Something wrong?”
”Well... Dan and I are... well, things have been kinda awkward between us.” she stuttered and looked down at the floor. ”Tell him I'm not here, I should go... uhm, yeah.”
Though nothing Serena said made any sense to him, Chuck picked up the phone and answered anyway.

”Humphrey. I'd love to say how much I missed you, but unfortunately-”
He froze. That was definitely not Dan Humphrey's voice.
”Rufus Humphrey? Ehh, I didn't...”
”No no no, don't worry about it. Is Lily there? It's important. If you see her, tell her to call...”
”She's not here” Chuck interrupted before Rufus could finish the sentence. ”I'll tell her you called. Now if you excuse me, I have to-”
”Did anyone eat the waffles? The ones I made for you yesterday.” Rufus asked curiously.
Sigh. Chuck couldn't believe that he was discussing waffles with Rufus Humphrey, and seriously contemplated flushing the phone down the toilet.
”Uh, Jack ate them all. Why?”

Knock knock.

”I'll tell Lily you called.”
Chuck sighed in relief when he hang up and went to open the door. He knew that his best friend wasn't the most intelligent guy he knew, but apparently Nate had finally noticed that his cell phone was was gone, still laying in the Van der Bass suite after 2 days.
”Nathaniel!” Chuck greeted him when he opened the door, but froze when he saw who was really standing there.
”Hey man” Blair shouted mockingly and continued to imitate Nate as she walked into the van der Bass penthouse. Chuck suddenly felt very uncomfortable and ran his hands through his hair.
”Well, hello to you too. Glad we can still talk to each other... Where's Serena?” Blair snapped and put down her bags (how many bags can you possibly need? Chuck thought to himself)
He didn't even get a chance to answer before he heard girly giggles coming from the other side of the room.
”B! You're here!” Serena squealed and hugged Blair tightly without realizing that she stepped on Blair's foot.
”Hey, S... OUCH! What are you doing?”
”I'm sorry, B!” Serena squealed again and froze, terrified of making any more mistakes.
Blair sighed.
”Let's just... go.” She glared at Chuck before linking arms with her best friend and they both walked out of the room.


”How's your foot?”
The girls entered Serena's bedroom and Blair sat down on the bed. ”It's fine S, don't worry about it” she lied. Her foot hurt like hell, but she felt that Serena didn't deserve to feel guilty right now, especially since her relationship with Dan was a little comlicated at the moment.
”So how are things with Dan?”
Serena looked down on the floor and shook her head. ”I don't know, it's just... awkward. Our parents live together, but they don't even get along anymore. It's not fair, you know?”
Bzzz bzzz.
Bzzz bzzz.
”Oh god, I hate that sound...” Blair mumbled and gave Serena her phone. ”It's your lovely boyfriend.”
Serena took a deep breath and answered.
”Dan? Oh, hey... yeah. Wait a second. Blair?”
Blair stopped daydreaming and looked up at Serena.
”Dan and I need to talk... could you go get some water or something?”
”A 'please leave' would've been fine” Blair snapped, but smiled and skipped downstairs towards the kitchen.


She was worried about Serena, she really was. But it still annoyed her that Serena hadn't asked her about her own problems since Chuck returned from Bangkok, or wherever he had been. Blair wondered if even Chuck himself knew where he'd been.
She had just entered the kitchen when she saw him. Chuck. Of course.
This wasn't going to be awkward at all, she tried telling herself. But of course, that was exactly what it was going to be like.
”How's your foot?” Chuck finally asked after what felt like a year of silence. Blair couldn't come up with a witty retort and decided to be honest instead.
”That's good to know.”
More awkward silence. She was still mad at him after how he'd treated her the last month, and was not going to talk to him. Absolutely not.
She ignored him. A part of her wanted to forgive him and move on, but she wasn't going to make it easy for the Basstard.
Chuck didn't know what to say. He knew what Blair was thinking and it was pointless trying to have a conversation with her right now, but a part of him really wanted her to forgive him.
”I'm sorry.”
He reached for her hand and Blair suddenly got very nervous. She was supposed to slap him and explan that it wasn't enough, but she didn't let go of his hand just yet.
Chuck and Blair holding hands. She smiled at the thought, but decided that this wasn't supposed to happen. Not yet, at least.
”I have to go, Serena needs me” Blair lied and let go of his hand. Before she could see his reaction to what she'd just said, she left the room and went back upstairs.
She completely forgot about the water.


Chuck put down the glass of water when he heard footsteps and laughter from the other side of the penthouse. He had no idea why Lily had let Jack stay with them, and to be honest it had started to annoy him a lot. He tried hard to keep himself from walking into Jack's room and throw the glass at him, and he hadn't even moved before Jack entered the kitchen, laughing and giggling into his phone. He jumped when he saw Chuck and dropped the phone to the floor.
”Chuck?!” Jack yelled nervously.
”What the...?”
Chuck stared at Jack, who looked like his life was over and Chuck was going to send him to hell. Before Chuck could say anything, Jack had disappeared and was on his way out of the penthouse.
”You forgot your phone!” Chuck yelled after him, but Jack was already gone. He knew it was none of his business, but Jack was clearly hiding something and Chuck was dying to find out what it was and picked up Jack's phone from the kitchen floor and flipped it open to see who his uncle had been talking to before freaking out completely.


Nate? Chuck remembered their awkward moment together a few days earlier, and had suspected that there was something weird going on. Jack was smart, Nate... well, wasn't and Jack was definitely going to take advantage of that. If he even had a plan.
Maybe he was just being paranoid, Chuck thought to himself.


Blair opened the door and entered the bedroom. She looked at her best friend, who didn't seem to be in a better mood than Blair herself right now.
”S, what happened?”
”Uh... you know, this wasn't a good idea. Dan's coming over, we really need to talk. I'm sorry, B.”
Blair scoffed. ”You're kicking me out?”
”No!” Serena looked offended. ”I'm just saying... we can do this another time, the sleepover. I really need to talk to Dan.”
”Yeah. You already said that” Blair sighed. She tried to stay calm and didn't want to think about the fact that Serena seemed to prefer her Cabbage Patch boyfriend to her best friend.
”I'll call you tomorrow, B.”
”Yeah, sure you will” she snapped before slamming the door shut and leaving the Van der Bass penthouse.

Blair was not amused. Serena was probably sitting in her warm, cozy room right now while Blair was standing outside in the snow, after practically being kicked out from the Van der Basses. At least she didn't have to deal with some annoying, judgemental boyfriend from Brooklyn, she thought to herself and instantly felt a little better.
Too lazy to wait for a cab, Blair began to walk home. Yes, walk. It was snowy and dark, but
she needed to calm down and be alone for a little while, even though it was freezing.


”Nate!” Chuck sighed in relief when Nate finally picked up. ”I need to talk to you, it's about...”
”Chuck? Um... hey man, you know. I'll call you back. I'm kinda busy right now so...”
Chuck, tired of Nate's excuses not to talk to him, was starting to lose his patience and on top of it all he shivered when he finally realized that it was snowing. He was cold, alone and hated by Nate. Apparently life hated Chuck Bass.

All thoughts of Nate disappeared when he saw the petite brunette standing a few yards away from him, obviously not enjoying her famous sleepover with Serena. He had decided not to care what Blair did anymore, but seeing her standing there, alone in the snow, almost made him feel a little... guilty.


”You're leaving?” he asked her, genuinly confused.
Blair jumped a little, but rolled her eyes when she realized who was talking to her.
”Apparently” Blair snapped, but sounded more hurt and lost than bitchy. ”Dan Humphrey got me kicked out.”
”No, I mean it. Apparently Serena thinks that boyfriends are more important than friends now. I always knew that Cabbage Patch wasn't good for her.”
Chuck frowned at her att she quickly realized what she had just said. ”No, I mean... they're going through a lot right now. God knows what... I just... Why am I even talking to you?” she sighed.
Chuck didn't know what to say, but anything was better than this awkward silence.
When Blair didn't reply, he reached out for her hand, but she pulled away quickly.
Okay. That didn't work.
”Are you still mad at me?” he asked quietly.

Blair turned around and began to march away from him, but stopped and when she opened her mouth Chuck instantly knew that he didn't want to hear this.
”No, I'm not mad! Now why would I POSSIBLY be mad at YOU?!”
Oh, here we go.
”I'm thrilled, actually. You've just been acting like a complete jerk ever since you came back!”
She was almost crying now, and if he didn't know better he would probably just grab Blair and hold her until she stopped screaming. But he didn't, since she would most likely kill him if he touched her.
”Is that all you can say these days? 'Blair'?” she snapped, clearly avoiding eye contact with him.
Chuck wasn't sure if he was being delusional, but she looked a little less angry than she had two minutes ago and decided he that it was safe to keep talking.
”I really am sorry” he said. ”And I really suck at saying the right things when I apologize but...”
”Yeah, you do” Blair mumbled, but didn't pull away when he took her hand in his.
The awkward silence had returned, and Blair finally looked him in the eyes, waiting for him to continue. The whole situation reminded Chuck of the White Party and that scared him.
Crap, crap, crap.
”You've got to be kidding!” Blair yelled and let go of his hand before marching away from him angrily.
”Blair!” he repeated sheepishly.
”NO! You repetative, selfish, stupid, indecisive...”
Chuck grabbed her arm and forced her to look at him. She had tears in her eyes, but didn't look the least bit angry anymore. Before he could think of anything else, he had had accidently blurted it out.
”I love you.”

Blair froze.
Chuck wanted to ask the same thing. How the hell did this happen? He loved her, he knew that for sure. But this was bad. Blair was going to kill him.
For not saying it at the right time, for not saying it in the right way, for not...
He didn't have time to think, because she had already attacked him with a passionate kiss that almost made him pass out. She ran her fingers through his hair, like she always did, and everything that had previously reminded him of the White Party was now starting to look more like their first kiss in the back of his limo.
He didn't know what he had done to deserve this, but he definitely wasn't complaining.

Spotted: B and C kissing in the snow. I don't know about you, Upper East Siders, but I think they look very cute. Looks like B forgave her beloved Basstard after all.
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