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Not the start you wanted B?
Not the start you wanted B?
The Chuck and Blair Chronicles

Episode 19: Where they may take you

GG: Hey Upper East Siders, Latest story, Blair Waldorf returns home, so it's back to basics huh Blair, Or is that back to Bass-ics? Whatever happens I want all my loyal gossipers at Constance for B's return, Is it dethroning time?

(At the Waldorf Apartment)

Harold, Eleanor, Dorota and Roman have just brought Blair back home from the hospital.

E: Right you go upstairs to bed to rest and...
B: Oh enough with the rest, I've been in bed for 5 days, I'm fine. I just want to catch up on my missed assignments, see Serena and see...(stops for a second) and then I'll be fine
E: Okay, I'll call Serena shall I?
B: Oh I already did, she's coming over now with my work assignments

Blair goes upstairs into her bedroom.
Eleanor, Roman and Harold go into the kitchen.

R: She seems good, She's back to her old self
E: She's not. She's just very good at hiding how she feels.
H: Eleanor if she does have a problem we can't do anything until she admits it
E: So what do you suggest? Let her kill herself?
H: Don't be so ridiculous, I just think we need to let her if there's a problem tell us, and to keep a firm eye on her, and if anything like this happens again, I'm 100% on putting her into a facility
R: I think that would be best
E: What if next time, she doesn't wake up Harold. Are you willing to risk that?
H: (no reply)

Serena arrives at the Apartment.
Dorota brings Serena into the kitchen.

E: Hello Serena
S: Hey, Blair upstairs?
E: Yes, Go on up
S: Thanks

Serena goes upstairs and enters Blair's room.

S: Hey

Blair is in the bathroom.

S: Blair?! (worried) What are you...

Blair is putting some perfume on.

B: What? Have some faith Serena, I've only been home 2 minutes
S: Sorry...I've your homework
B: Ah, Great
S: So when will you be back at school?
B: Couple days, Just enough so that I can “recover”. I'm perfectly fine
S: You sure?
B: Yes. Now not to be unsociable but I better start on these assignments
S: Oh sure

Serena exits.

B: Oh S!?

Serena enters.

S: Yeah,
B: Thank you
S: For what?
B: For being there for me, the last few days, I didn't see any of my other so called friends
S: It's what I'm here for

Blair smiles.

B: Oh and Serena, can you pass on a message to Chuck for me?
S: (nods)
B: Tell him thanks for the flowers

Serena smiles then exits.

(2 Days Later)

Blair is starting back at school.
She and Serena are walking down the street up to the school.

B: Oh, I don't want to do this, Can't I go home?
S: No, You've got nothing to worry about
B: What?! Did you read Gossip Girl?
S: Come on

Blair and Serena walk up the steps towards the school.
Almost all the students turn to stare at Blair, they're all either laughing, making vomit noises or mimicking making them selves sick.
Serena takes Blair's hand and pushes through all the students.
They both walk up to Penelope, Iz, Hazel, Nelly and Jenny.

(Info- All that happened in season 1 with Jenny and the mean girls, never happened. She is just an outside wannabe now.)

B: Oh My God! I don't believe this!
S: It'll be fine B, It's just for one day, by tomorrow it'll be something else
H: Nice to have you back B
B: Not nice enough you all couldn't come visit me
I: Oh sorry we were kinda busy, with our newest inductee
B: What?
P: Blair have you met Jenny?
J: Hi
B: (Sarcastic tone) Hi, What is this? I say who joins us and who doesn't
P: Well you were...Out of action, so we took it upon ourselves to make some decisions
J: I can go if you...
P: No J stay, If B's got a problem she can go
B: Excuse me. Who to you think your talking to?
P: Uh lets see Blair Waldorf, Ex Queen B
B: (shocked expression) Excuse me?
P: What do they call it Iz?
I: it's a dethroning P
P: Oh that's right, Consider this the end of your rain as Queen B.

Penelope, Iz, Hazel and Nelly walk away from Blair.
Blair pulls on Jenny's arm.

B: Who the hell are you? Just another wannabe after the crown?
J: (no reply)
B: You wont last five minutes
J: Actually I seem to be doing pretty well

Jenny turns her back on Blair and Serena and joins the rest of the girls.
Serena looks shocked.

B: Did she just answer me back?

Serena looks away, not knowing what to say.

GG: Well thanks to all my loyal soldiers, I got enough pictures for a 'Blair's last day in power' photo album, Thanks guys. But poor B, Down and out, But remember this is B! If she's going down...

(At the Van der Woodsen Apartment)

Chuck is sitting on the couch with Lily.
Serena enters.

S: Since when have you two been best friends?
L: Since we are business partners, Charles and I were just going over some business propitiations for Bass Industries, Charles is just about to fly over to Tokyo for a very important business meeting
S: Well it's nice to know your leaving a billion dollar business in the hands of a seventeen year old
L: He's going with the executives Serena
S: Like that's going to stop him being him
C: What can I say? I'm an oriental man
S: Ugh.
L: (phone rings, She answers) Hello, Oh right, Yes I'll be right over. (hangs up) I have to go, I've got a lunch to get too, You two stay and chat, You just haven't spent enough time together
S: Oh trust me, we've spent more than enough
L: I'll be back later, Bye

Lily exits.

S: So Tokyo, Orientals really?
C: They're effin hot
S: your disgusting
C: (grins)
S: and anyway forget a little thing called Blair
C: Blair and I are over, It was just a chapter of my life which has since been closed and I want to keep it that way
S: How can you? You love her
C: I did, but it's all in the past, I've let go
S: Keep telling yourself that


C: Was she okay, After this morning?
S: She was destroyed, She has no one, I'm the only friend she has, and now Dan's sister is trying to take over Constance I don't know where to put myself
C: Little Jenny Humphrey the new Queen, Never thought I'd say that
S: Neither did I, I'm going to have to talk to Dan, tell her to back down
C: Like she's going too


S: Oh Chuck I forgot to tell you, Blair said thank you for the flowers
C: (grins) Tell her it's a pleasure


C: Well I better get packing, I'll see you when I get back sis
S: You wont if you keep calling me that

Chuck exits.

(Back at Constance, in the afternoon)

Blair and Serena are sitting on the steps on the MET, but lower down than usual since Penelope, Iz, Hazel, Nelly and Jenny are sitting at the top.
Blair is staring at them with an evil glare.

B: Ugh, If that little wannabe ice Queen thinks she can out bitch me, she's got another thing coming
S: I'll talk to Dan, tell him what's going on
B: Asking Dan for help wont work, When someone's got their eye on the prize they don't it off, I'm going to have to deal with this myself
S: (smiles)
B: Oh did you thank Chuck for the flowers?
S: Uh yeah he said it's a pleasure
B: (smiles) I think we might be back on track you know, He might be forgiving me
S: Oh B, I...I wouldn't get your hopes up
B: Why not? He left me flowers, My favourite flowers, If that's not a sign then what is?
S: B, He told me, that he's let you go, that he was moving on
B: What? He was lying right?
S: I don't think he was, He honestly looked like he was over you
B: But... I'm not over him
S: I'm sorry B
B: (looks surprised, Serena hugs her)

Blair looks up to the mean girls and they laugh and wave at her.
Blair pulls out her phone, and opens the page on Gossip Girl and stares at Jenny.

GG: One good scandal deserves another, and now B's without her Chuck, who will she turn too now? Looks like the Queen B's all out of servants, Who could of known this would happen. Until next time. You know you love me. xoxo Gossip Girl

The Bitch is back
The Bitch is back
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