Girls Generation/SNSD OTP Game [ SNSD/ Other idols ] WEEK 1.

Jesmile posted on Sep 21, 2016 at 09:58AM
OTP= One True Pairing.

Just seeing the three letters you can guess what type of a contest this is. We have to pair up a Girls' Generation member with another Girls' Generation member or other idols [Boy Group/ Girl Group/ Actors/ Actresses]. It can be anyone you like.

- Couple name (e.g. YoonSic, HyoHae)
- Post a picture of the said couple (Fanmade and edited pictures are also accepted alongside actual ones)
- Write something about why you love this OTP.

- Critical comments are allowed but please NO BASHING and NO RUDE COMMENTS. Or else you will be eliminated.
- Word limitation: Min 40-Max 100.

The main theme behind this contest is to see how much you love your OTP. Write something about them. Pour out your feelings. Express your love and dedication towards that couple. I will read your short article and choose the best one as the winner.

Winner: 15 props

First runner-up: 10 props

Second runner-up: 5 props

*Results will be announced after 1 week [28.09.2016]

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