Girls Generation/SNSD [b]SNSD : WINNER TAKES ALL S2 [/b]

snsd_hyo posted on Jun 20, 2016 at 10:36AM
Well i'm not sure if you've heard about Winner Takes All Game. This game is inspired by it and i did SNSD WINNER TAKES ALL S1 in 2014. (not sure if you guys can still remember it T.T)

So, the rules is still the same

1. Post Your Bias's name. Just the name, no reasons or that kinda stuff
2. If Your Bias's name is the last post Your bias is the winner! (it is very simple right)
3. The last post will only be declared as a winner if it exceed 2 Days
4. After 2 days, the winner will received 5 props.

*You can ask me if you can't understand the game*
if it is not cleared just ask me ;)

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over a year ago snsd_hyo said…
so im going to start first okay :)