Girls Generation/SNSD Guess the KPOP MV (2015)

taengoosone posted on Sep 10, 2015 at 09:46AM
Hi guys!!!!!
I just started using fanpop and this is my first forum.
I hope everyone enjoy it.

☆ Notes

● Guesses must include both the song title and the artist.
● No editing of posts.
● The game will begin when at least 2 people comment
● Don't search in GOOGLE.

♕ Prizes
● 1st : 3 PROPS
● Overall winner get 2 PROPS

P.S. This game was inspired by deestinychild. so the credit goes to her.

Thank you.
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over a year ago deestinychild said…
I hope everyone active more and tysm <3
taengoosone commented…
ur welcome ♥♥♥ over a year ago
over a year ago sandra311 said…
Sounds good ^^
over a year ago taengoosone said…
Here we go...
Round 1
Here we go...
Round 1
over a year ago sandra311 said…
Hyuna-Because I'm the best (Roll Deep)
taengoosone commented…
Congrats!! 3 props are coming to you ☻☺ over a year ago