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KaitlynEllie posted on Nov 26, 2013 at 09:30PM
And it's me again!!

Let's see whether you are interested or not

::Only 12 players
::We will play this game by points
::In this game I will also test your 'speed'
Which mean how fast u post for ur pic
::First player to post the pic win 6 points, second player to post the pic win 5 points, third player to post the pic win 4 points and so on until the sixth player posted his / her pic win 1 point .Other 6 players will be counted as late/slow, so they won't win any points
::I will rank all the 12 pictures of 12 players from the best to last.
::The BEST pic win 12 points, second best pic win 11 points and so on until the least best pic which will only win 1 point
:: en cada ronda habra SR (meaning small rounds)
:: First place will get 15 props, second place will get 10 props, third place will get 7 props fourth will get 5 props and other props will gain three props

For Example

-Speed Points-
First Sone To Post The Pic-6 points
Second Sone To Post The Pic-5 points
Third Sone To Post The Pic-4 points
Fourth Sone To Post The Pic-3 points
Fifth Sone To Post The Pic-2 point
sixth Sone To Post The Pic-1 point

Others-0 point

-Pic Ranking Points-
1st place:12 points
2nd place:11 points
3rd place:10 points
4th place:9 points
5th place:8 points
6th place:7 points
7th place:6 points
8th place:5 points
9th place:4 points
10th place:3 point
11th place 2 point
12th place 1 point
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