Girls Generation/SNSD GUESS WHO?? Round 8

aeiras posted on Jun 17, 2013 at 10:59PM
This game is easy, guess which member is?

The three first responders be correctly will gain 10 props, and the others respond correctly will gain 5 props, and those with the wrong answer will have 3 props


Round 1: Yuri
1st -Lindsay13-
2nd Blair2
3rd dinsangi

Round 2: YoonSic
1st -Lindsay13- 
2nd StarGirl9 
3rd Izzah1511

Round 3: SunSeoYul
1st KaitlynEllie 
2nd Izzah1511 

Round 4: SooSeoTae
1st DawnLove92

Round 5: SooYoonYul
1st KaitlynEllie
2nd DawnLove92
3rd YuriBlackPearl

Round 6: SunFany
1st igotaboygg1
2nd Izzah1511
3rd dinsangi

Round 7: YulFanyHyoTae
1st igotaboygg1 
2nd pearlxashxdawn 
3rd Hyori143 

Round 8:
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