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posted by snsdlover4ever
*Disclaimer: The main ideas are based on the Hunger Games, but most of it is completely false, since I've never really read the book, and never watched the movie, and to avoid plagarism, I'm adding stuff that never really happened, so please don't complain about how this might be very unrelated to the movie. Hope you enjoy!*

Chapter 9
Jessica(narrating): It's been a few days since we've started. I see a death every once in a while, but not like the one that happened that first day. Kris and I had tried to get as far away from the others as we could, but this is eventually what happened...
Baekhyun: Look who we have here.
Jessica(narrating): That kinda scared me, but I maintained a straight face. Everyone knows that you can't show fear at this battle.
Yonghwa: Look at them. You can see fear in their eyes when they look at us.
Jessica(narrating): I bet you're wondering who they are by now. They're the tributes from Districts 1 and 2. The ones that always win because of how prestigious they are. But I was surprised to see that there were more faces that I remembered. Especially the girls...
Jessica: Taeyeon? Seohyun?
Seohyun: Don't act like you're so oblivious to the situation.
Jessica: Now Seohyun, this is no way to be treating your unnie.
Taeyeon: Don't give her lessons about how to act in front of people older than her. You're just a hypocrite for saying that.
Jessica: Gosh, what do you guys have against me?
Taeyeon: Do you not remember the days when we were still a group? You would always try to steal the spotlight from me!
Jessica: What? I did no such thing!
Taeyeon: I always had the better voice. You were second best, so you would always try to one up me. But, it always failed.
Jessica: Since when was doing my former job trying to steal the spotlight?
Taeyeon: Oh, I'm not done. A few months after I joined Instagram for the fans, you opened your Weibo account and eventually got 2 million followers before me even though I had started before you!
Jessica: And that's my fault how? It's not like I bought all of them.
Taeyeon: Ugh. Never mind. It's no use trying to talk to you. You're too lazy to use your brain.
Jessica(narrating): Really now? If anything, I should be getting some kind of apology for that.
Jessica: Okay, Seohyun. What do you have against me?
Seohyun: Simple. I had more singing and dancing talent than you, but yet, I would still get outshined by you. While people still saw me as the innocent maknae, you would get new images just like that.
Jessica: So, you're seeking vengeance because you're jealous?
Seohyun: (singing) lalalalala, can't hear you!
Jessica(narrating): Seohyun is still this stubborn? Gosh, what a nightmare.
Kris: Come on, Jessica. Let's go.
Baekhyun: Oh, you're not going anywhere.
Yonghwa: Come on. Let's get her.
Jessica(narrating): I seemed helpless. But, then I saw someone. I saw... her.

(Yes, this is very amateur, but this is what I could do since I got a somewhat crucial fact wrong. I'm only posting one chapter for right now, since the events are going to be very big. Thanks for reading!)
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