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posted by Frorstyheart10
My friends states she had a dream that she was in the woods and there were eyes looking out at her through the bushes green eyes to say the facts. At the end the person pounced at her and she woke up. Do you think this is an omen that someone is going to happen in the woods? What do you think? Please, write in the comments what you think. For more information tell me and I'll write another artical about it. In till next time. Also please consider reading my artical about The dream that came true which I will release soon please like comment and favorite
I was all by myself on the middle floor everyone had gone either upstairs or downstairs. I was doing a good amount of writing about my new book series when, I heard a thunk. it was stepping but my cats weren't there nor my family. I heard the stepping as though someone was up there with me. I slammed by foot on the ground very hard and said in my most aggressive voice i could manage I said "Get away ghost I don't want you here at all kill me if you want to but I will fight back and defeat you even if it kills me!" Then I ran downstairs and told my brother he went up but there was no ghost or any sounds at all. Either I scared away or it went somewhere else.