Game of Thrones Best word to describe contest ! [Round 5]

sk91 posted on Feb 03, 2012 at 05:28PM
It's been almost a year since I last saw this game active anywhere around, but I think we could bring the idea bcak in here. It's fun, so why not? :D It works out pretty awesome in practise. You can check it link how it looks.

Rules are very simple: I put one character name and you have to give me 1-3 words with describe him/her best.
After 7 days or when there will be at least 5 different contestants I'll make a pick. The winner will revieve props and his name will be on WINNER LIST :P

How to make one? It's easy! Write:

*Character name* - *describtion*

One contestants can have only one entry

Winner List
link link sk91: Honor&Family
link Articuno224: bad ass killer
link delamico: Shadowsnake

Have fun! And remember, no more than 3 words!

[Round 5]
Describe: Renly Baratheon!
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