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10.) Freeda Waterfall

She has probably the prettiest hair out of an of the futurama ladies, at least in her first appearence. In the movie "Into the Wild Green Yonder" she doesn't look quite as good, but she is still cute.

9.) Lucy Lui Bot

I would have put her higher on the list except I think that Fry's Lui-Bot is really the only pretty one, the other ones are pretty ugly, I think it's there hair. Also she's just a hologram, but a very pretty hologram.

8.) Amy Wong

Like Freeda I think Amy is cuter then she is pretty, also she has really weird hair. But when she gets all dressed...
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posted by soniczone1
funny pic when the janitor has the pink hair
funny pic when the janitor has the pink hair
In one of the episodes on futurama is very funny and it makes me wanna laugh during my favorite episode of futurama. On reincarnation in the video game and fry and the others are at the lab and bender said "hey, I want to try that." bender was left and back to the lab again and bender was angry when he's back to the and not going somewhere else. On anime part and fry and bender dance to the aliens to give the message and zoidberg dance but he was doing the pose and aliens retreated he delivery action force saves the day and they win the battle this time. here is the funny pic when fry was dressing up as sonic the hedgehog and he said " Shut up and take my rings." it just like the other images when fry said on Futurama
here is the pic i was talking about
here is the pic i was talking about
posted by eipekili
Of all the shows on television, no two are alike. The one thing that sets all shows apart are the plots behind each episode. Some shows are case studies of medical mysteries being solved within minutes of the patients death (House), while others are filled with so much action that each season starts to seem more like the one before it (24). These shows are fun to watch, but after a while, they start to make you want to watch something less serious. That's where Futurama (Futurama)comes into play. A ridiculously sarcastic and "laugh out loud" hilarious comedy, Futurama fits easily into anyone's tv agenda. The show is definitely on the top of my list, and I encourage anyone out there to enjoy their evening and get a load of the Planet Express gang at their funniest. And oh yeah, don't forget to catch season 5 coming out next fall. I'll be there, will you?