D.J. ends up winning two free tickets to a Beach Boys concert in a radio contest, but then has to make a decision consisting of who she brings with her (along with her best friend Kimmy Gibbler). She wishes she could take her family with her, but, according to the rules of the contest, she is allowed to bring only one guest.

Naturally, her dad Danny assumes that he will be D.J.’s choice, since he also likes the Beach Boys. But, much to Danny’s dismay, she selects Jesse instead, although she changes her mind later and tells Danny to go with Jesse (although Jesse changes his mind after a talk with Danny, and tells her to go with her father).

Danny says that D.J. is going to the concert. However, D.J. corrects him, saying that she isn’t going, since she feels it isn’t worth hurting someone else’s feelings.

“This concert was supposed to be fun. Now everybody’s either hurt or disappointed. It’s just not worth it. I’m not going.”

In the end, however, everybody is satisfied, thanks to some surprise visitors at the Tanner household.