Joey has not yet found a date for New Year’s Eve. So, Danny and Jesse secretly videotape Joey and send the tape to a local video dating service. Joey’s date ends up being a woman named Christine, and he and Christine fall in love at first sight when they see that they have almost everything in common with each other. Joey wants to take Christine to Las Vegas and get married, but later realizes that they need to take the time to get to really know each other first (which is a good idea, of course).

Meanwhile, when Kimmy and D.J. throw a New Year’s Eve party at Kimmy’s house with the intention of inviting “just a few close friends”, they end up with more than 400 guests.

I thought it was funny when Jesse and Danny were talking to the easel, and Joey was all, “If you try and chase me, I’m gonna scream like a girl”. Not many shows have New Year’s episodes, so I thought it was great how this show actually had one.

I also thought it was funny when Rusty was all, “Hey, Steph, guess what happens at midnight? You get a New Year’s kiss. Muah! Muah! Muah! Muah! Muah!”

When Stephanie was all, “Eww, gross! I’d rather kiss a frog!”, Rusty replies with “Ribbet, ribbet!”

Michelle was all “Happy New Year, Happy New Year”, even though Stephanie, Jesse and Joey kept telling her it wasn’t time yet. When Stephanie told her this, Michelle replied with “Give me a break — I can’t tell time.”

I also like the part where DJ told Danny, “Kimmy’s having a big New Year’s Eve party. And I know I promised to babysit Michelle and Stephanie, but just for one night, can’t we put ‘em in a kennel or something?”

Stephanie and Michelle give each other a puzzled look, and Danny replied, “That is a terrible thing to say about your sisters. Besides, kennels are very expensive.”

Joey: Deej, what happened with your party?
D.J.: Well, Kimmy’s dad freaked out and sent everyone home.
Ricky: Yeah, just ‘cause a few extra guests showed up.
Joey: How many extra guests?
D.J.: The police estimated four hundred. (Ricky shrugs in agreement)
DJ with Ricky, the Tanners' paperboy
Michelle: I stayed up all night to kiss a dog? This is nuts!