Intruding on DJ's date
Most (but not all) fathers usually often cringe when it comes to the prospect of their teenage daughters dating. One reason for that is because they often remember what it was like to be a teenage boy themselves, as well as being subjected to having to meet their dates’ parents, especially the father.

Danny Tanner is no exception to this, of course.

Jesse’s recording studio is used by “The Funky Tongues”, the hottest band in D.J.’s school.

Jesse, Rebecca, Danny and Joey then start preparing to go to a local awards ceremony where Wake Up, San Francisco and Ranger Joe have been nominated. Danny is bothered by the fact that Wake Up, San Francisco gets beat almost every year by Up and at ‘em, Oakland.

“I don’t know what people see in that show,” he says.

“Cheerleaders wrestling in a syrup pit?” Becky replies.

As D.J. has a date, Jesse and Becky, after some persuasion on Becky’s part, decide to let Stephanie, Michelle and Kimmy baby-sit the twins. D.J.’s date shows up, and it’s Pete, the lead singer of “The Funky Tongues”. Pete takes D.J. to a drive-in movie theater.

Danny is shocked when Jesse tells him that Pete is exactly the same way Jesse had been when Jesse was seventeen: girl crazy. Danny is even more surprised when Kimmy tells him, “He’s a legend. Girls throw themselves at him. They say he’s never heard the word ‘no’.”

Danny, Jesse, and Joey send Becky to the awards ceremony with Joey’s puppet, Mr. Woodchuck. Then the guys go to the drive-in and intrude on D.J.’s date. This absolutely humiliates D.J., who is furious.

The guys take D.J. home, where D.J. blasts the guys by accusing them of overreacting and not trusting her judgement. The guys apologize for overreacting, and D.J. apologizes for neglecting to tell them she was going to a drive-in movie theater instead of a regular indoor movie theater. The reason why was because she knew that they would overreact and humiliate her, and that was the last thing DJ wanted to have happen to her.

The guys don’t want to stop D.J. from dating, so they promise that they will never again act like a bunch of commandos whenever D.J. goes out on a date. At the awards ceremony, Joey and the Ranger Joe show won an award for best children’s programming. However, Wake Up, San Francisco still lost, but hopefully not to Up and at ‘em, Oakland.
The Funky Tongues