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In "Joey Gets Tough", why does Joey punish DJ? Why does she think it is unfair? Why is she angry that everyone is siding with Joey instead of her?

Earlier in the episode, Joey let Stephanie and DJ do whatever they wanted, as in let them stay late half an hour late and watch a special celebrity show from Japan. Danny and Jesse tell him that a parent needs to say "no".
 dandc860 posted over a year ago
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Makeupdiva said:
I think the reason is Joey is the adult, he needs to be able to tell the girls no. He can't keep letting them get away with whatever they wanted. DJ, I get why she was upset but she also didn't tell Joey that she was going to be late and what she was doing after her karate. She was still a child and she needed to learn that she can't always get her own way.
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posted 7 months ago 
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