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Fernando Torres Do you think Rafa should rest Torres less and let him play more games in the premiership?

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Not Sure
 x_ellie_x posted over a year ago
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x_ellie_x picked Not Sure:
i think this would have been a great season for liverpool to go for the premiership title but yet again it seems like they were more bothered about the champions league and rested key players just like torres and for yet another season and are instead battling for fourth place (but i do think they have won it now) when instead they should really have a go at first or second because they really just never do
and it is a huge trophy that it seems they have never cared about enough to play their best team week in week out like man u and chelsea do!
posted over a year ago.
last edited over a year ago
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cordeiro picked Not Sure:
I think he should concentrate more to champions league...
but i don't know.
posted over a year ago.
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Babybel88 picked Yes:
I think if he played him more, he could easily be top scorer next season
posted over a year ago.
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Kay1oTe picked Yes:
no comment:))
posted over a year ago.
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Brucas4OTH picked Yes:
It's definately hard to say. If Torres is played more often ... then Rafa would be doing Liverpool a favour but Torres is is the type of player that never stops running and that makes him get tired easily.
posted over a year ago.
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RoxanneUSAFAN picked Yes:
Yes I think so
posted over a year ago.