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Isabel braced herself before she opened the door to the police station. She hadn’t been here since the slaughtering a few weeks ago. Her superior had sent her on a vacation.
“Isabel, what are you doing here?” a man asked, as he looked up from his desk.
“Hi, Victor” Isabel greeted the man and she smiled weak. “I’m just…picking up a few things I forgot. Personal stuff” she explained as she walked to her office.
“Why didn’t you give us a call. We would’ve sent someone” Victor commented.
“I wanted to save you the trouble” Isabel shrugged and she entered her office. She walked to her desk, which was usually very tidy, but now magnified pictures lay across the oak-wood bureau. Isabel quickly collected them and put them in her bag. Underneath the pictures there was a brown folder. She opened it and read Cas’ name on top. “Gotcha” she said soft and she put the folder in her bag too. She walked to the door and left. She quickly walked through the aisle, smiling and nodding at a few random people.
“Was that Roberts?” another woman asked sharp. “What was she doing here?”
“She had to pick up a few personal things” Victor explained. “What’s wrong?” he asked as the woman turned around and hurried to the office Isabel had just left.
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As he stared blankly at the exam, his heart was in his throat. This paper could very well be the difference between fulfilling his dream of becoming hokagae or staying a weak little genin for the rest of his life. Naruto was fully aware of this, and could feel the thick beads of sweat pouring off him as the minutes went by.
An hour was the allowed time for this test, (and with a proctor like Ibiki Morino, thats pretty generous) they were on the final few minutes, then that all important "tenth question" would be given. The rules were yet to be explained, but at this point in time, the rules...
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(Ahh there's ember) flame thought flame went over to ember and said 'ember...i have to talk to u' 'wat is it' i-i love u' 'u wat?!' 'i love u' 'ohhhhh flame i-i don't know wat to say' 'well do u love me too?' 'yes! yes! i do' 'so can we be ...mates?' 'yes' 'baby i love u' 'are u over spyro now' 'yes cause he has cynder and he will never change his mind' 'now lets get a room together' 'okay'
-hi im da narrator
-(spyro) hi narrator
-(cynder) dude whut is rong wit u?
-(me) .........o m g ur cynder and ur spyro???
-(spyro and cynder) yep!
- im glad ember dont like u again spyro
-i am glad too WOOT!!!!
-oooh next chap could change dat!
trailer for chapter 6 of my TVD story The Host :)
the vampire diaries
fan fiction
the host
chapter 6 the letter
may 24 2012
“Goodnight!” Derek said as he entered his new bedroom.
Damon and Elena were standing with their backs to each other, getting undressed. Elena slowly rotated her head and peaked over her shoulder. Damon had taken of his shirt and Elena swallowed. She’d never get used to that body. She shook her head and looked eyes front again. As she took out her top Damon slowly looked over his shoulder. She had laid her hair over her shoulder and he noticed she was wearing a dark purple bra. Damon imagined how he walked to her. He slowly went with his hand over her back and opened her bra. His fingers...
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“Your résumé is extremely…blank” the man in the temp job office noticed as he looked at the paper Meg had given him. She had written it this morning. “You’ve worked as a nurse in a mental clinic for some weeks. Do you have a degree as a nurse?”
“Yeah” Meg nodded. “I should’ve brought it with me”
“Why don’t you go home and come back with your degree. Then, maybe, I can do something for you” the man said.
“All right” Meg answered and she got up. She turned around and left the office. She leaned against the wall and took a deep breath. She didn’t have a degree....
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The next morning
Elena woke up by noises coming from downstairs. She rubbed her eyes and checked the alarm clock. Nine o’ clock. Time to get up. She put on her dressing-gown and her slippers and walked down the stairs. The noise came out of the kitchen. She walked in and saw Damon making breakfast. He was baking pancakes. Elena sniffed the scent and sneaked up behind Damon. She threw her arms around his waist, laying her head on his back. Damon placed the pan off the cooker and turned around. “Did I wake you?” he asked a little concerned. Elena nodded. “But that’s okay. I want to be...
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The next morning
Jeremy stumbled off the stairs; he probably would’ve fallen down if he hadn’t hold on to the banisters. Coffee, he needed coffee and lots of it. He staggered to the kitchen and opened the cupboard to get out a cup. He managed to take three out and watched them shatter into pieces on the floor.
“Damnit” he said and he ducked to collect the fragments. He picked one and naturally cut his hand. “Shit” he cursed.
“It’s never a good idea to swear in the very early morning” Alaric entered the kitchen and noticed the glass and the blood. “Does it hurt?” he asked...
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Phoebe looked over towards Sabrina, who was drumming her fingers melodically on the dashboard of Phoebe's yellow Volkswagon. Phoebe smiled to herself, turning her attention back on the road. "You know, Sabrina, you should save it for the gig." Sabrina flicked her black hair and turned to Phoebe.

She only made a 'whatever' face. "Pshhhh." Her lips were curled into a defiant sneer. "I need to warm up. When you're a drummer, you have to keep your skills up whenever you can." Phoebe didn't argue.

The two teenagers were heading to their first gig at Sweaty's BBQ. They were in a band, of course....
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When Edward left, Bella ran away. She ran straight into Sam and Dean Winchester. Link-­-a-goody-to-shoes Disclaimer - I don't own any part of this video.
twilight fanfiction
Zoey got in her car and drove away. She was going to check all places Daphne went. While she drove she dialed a number.
“Hey, what’s wrong?” Gerard asked when he picked up.
“Nothing, eh, I’m just calling to say I’ll be home late” Zoey said.
“It’s 10:30 pm. How late is late?” Gerard asked grumpy.
Zoey sighed. “Look, something happened. Daphne escaped. She’s now wandering around somewhere. I need to find her before she hurts herself” she explained.
“Well, at least you’ll be free of her then” Gerard said annoyed.
“Gerard!” Zoey snapped shocked.
“What?” he snapped...
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“I should go check on him” Stefan said. “Make sure he’ll be okay”
Elena nodded.
“You should go home, Elena” he continued. “I’ll call you as soon as I know my brother’s safe”
“No, I want to come with. I need to know he’ll be alright” Elena protested.
“Elena, I promise you I won’t let anything happen to him” Stefan said. “But like you said, you’re not yourself. You can’t take care of yourself. I can’t protect the both of you”
Elena shut her eyes. “Alright, then” she said soft.
“Ask Caroline to give you a ride home…or stay at the party” Stefan said....
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“Okay, that doesn’t look very nice” the doctor said. Jeremy was sitting on the examination table, Alaric was leaning onto the closet. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to stitch” While she prepared her stitching material she talked to her patient. “So, how did this happen? Were you involved in a fight?” Jeremy looked how she pierced the stitching scissor in his hand. “No, it wasn’t like that. It was an accident” he answered. “I broke a cup, two cups. Cut my hand” The doctor nodded. “Are you vaccinated for tetanus?” Jeremy looked up at Alaric, who helplessly raised...
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ignitus said ''well ill leave u to play now'' spyro went over to cynder and wispered ''i promise to my new mate that i only go out with u... mate''then he walked away.ember came up to spyro and said''helo im ember ho r u'' ''im spyro'' ''well spyro i like u wanna be friends'' ''ok... but no mushy stuff'' ''ok'' ''shall i show u around'' ''id like that'' ''here are the rooms heres the vison pool room and this is the lake'' thanks for showing me around spyro'' ''come over here spyro''cynder said suddently ''comin said spyro'' ember went over to spyro and cynder and said ''hey u girl stay away from my new boy friend'' she said''wat hes already mine'' ''oi ember i just met u iv knon cynder from wen we wer kids and besides i dont like u that way go talk to the other boys'' ''okay'' she said glomily she went over to flame who adores her like crazy and said ''wassup'' '' oh nothin''
Jeremy turned his computer off when his phone rang.
“Hi, Elena. Did you get the results? It’s not something bad, is it?”
“Jeremy, I need your help” Elena said quickly. “I’m not in the hospital anymore”
“What? Why not? Where are you?” Jeremy asked confused.
“I don’t have time to answer that” Elena said nervous. “You have to do something for me”
“Okay, what?” Jeremy asked.
“I need you to go to the cops and ask them what they’ve done with Damon” Elena said.
“What? Elena, I don’t get it” Jeremy said.
“He’s had an accident” Elena explained quickly....
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Run, that’s all he could think about. He had to run before she would catch up with him. And as he ran, he felt the aching coming back. His back started burning again, his head bounced and with every step he took it was as if thousand needles stung in his feet. But he had to keep running, for he had to stay ahead of her.
A few yards further he heard two voices argue. He recognized the voices. He wouldn’t count on the male one, but the girl would listen to him, she would understand, help him.
“Elena, wait!” Stefan yelled. After his proposal she had jumped out of the car and ran away.
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Bonnie put her hand on the latch and pushed it down. She opened the door and watched Jeremy tossing and turning in his bed. She stepped towards the bed and sank down at the end. She saw the tortured expression on Jeremy’s face and wondered what he was dreaming. Her glance slide from his face to his chest going up and down. There she noticed the drops of blood. Jeremy tugged his shirt as if there was something on his chest that wouldn’t get off. His eyes opened and bulged, but he was still stuck in his dream. He gasped for air, seeming to choke. His hands went up to his throat, his fingers...
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Spyro awoke that morning and went to see cynder , when he found her he was suprised to see cynder making a lot of breakfast and said 'cynder...did u do this?' 'yes i did' 'why' 'well since i told u last night about...stuff i felt better by confessing' 'well cynder lets eat our breakfast and go to the lake' 'that would be nice' so they ate their breakfast and went to the lake they were having a great time until somthing lurked in the bushes spying on cynder and spyro but they were more intrested in cynder all of a suden wolves and apes jumped out and grabbed cynder and put her in a cage spyro was next but he evaded them and used his electrick breath and forced them into the water they all drowned and spyro saved cynder he said ' cynder are u ok!' 'im fine spyro but there must be more evil afoot probably tryin to avenge the dark master and lookin for me as well' then we must be careful'
“Open the door now, Stefan! I need to talk to my sister!”
Stefan opened the door after Jeremy had banged it about twelve times.
“Alright, alright, don’t get all up tied” Stefan said as he opened the door, a blood bag in his hand. “Now, what brings you here? Something about Elena, I assume?”
“I need to talk to her” Jeremy repeated. “And you know why”
Stefan shrugged. “Why didn’t you come here last night?”
“Because I knew Elena wasn’t here. I knew she was with Alaric and her friends, I didn’t want to make a scene” Jeremy explained.
“And you were also chicken that...
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