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Ezra & Aria Question

ok first off I love how the 2 people in the sow with funny names are the cute couple and my question is do you think Byron already knows??

Ok well he could have suspected something when Aria was so quick to defend Ezra after the parent teacher or how when they went to the bar Ezra got jumppy whenever he even mentioned Aria's name...
 AliMC posted over a year ago
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Ezra & Aria Answers

mimialliwell said:
No I don't think he already knew because there are points when Byron thinks Ezra likes Ella. I also don't think it is possible because its not something that would have ever crossed his mind especially because he thought Aria was mature and responsible (not that she isn't). So no I don't think he knew if anyone Ella may have had some idea
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posted over a year ago 
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