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posted by trinasutherland
this is me Trina
this is me Trina
Hi Extreme makeover, my name is Trina Marie Sutherland you guys enspire me to help other people. I am now 18 years old, from a little isolated place called Attawapiskat, its in Ontario, Cananda. I watch you show every day on you tube. Watching your show always make me think of helping other people so I want to help my community and i need your help...
this is my story...

Attawapiskat is on the James Bat Coasted I know that you guys dont come this far up north but i want to help our school. We been fighting for a school for nine years now. It all started in 2000 when our school got an oil spill....
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TNT’s new series WEDDING DAY, the network’s first-ever unscripted drama, gives deserving couples a helping hand to ensure the most important day of their lives is also the most magical. Check out this clip and post what you think! <3
wedding day
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