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Fan fiction by Exotic-4-Life posted over a year ago
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“One more shot.”

“No, I can’t –“

“Fine. I guess you owe me a dance then.”

You look and see Kai grinning at you, hand outstretched, ready to pull you to the dance floor. You roll your eyes at him before reaching for the shot glass and downing your fifth one for the night.

“You really don’t want to dance with me, do you?” he comments before taking his own shot.

“It’s not you; it’s me.”

“Okay. In my experience, when a girl says something like that, usually she’s trying to blow the guy off gently. If you want me to leave –“

“No, seriously. It’s me; I can’t dance.”

“Of course you can. That’s just your excuse,” he answers. “Number six?”

“I shouldn’t,” you reply as you drink the shot.

“But clearly you are. Why come to a club if you’re not going to dance?”

You point to a girl on the dance floor who was currently dancing wildly with a guy. Kai’s mouth forms a silent ‘Ah’ as he perfectly comprehends what...
Opinion by tiagih posted over a year ago
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Kai & Lu Han (Interacting in the gravity-room) [Shadow & Gravitation]
Elements that cannot be changed, consistent
Baekhyun & Lay (Sees each other through the mirror) [Light & Life]
Without light there wouldn’t be life
Suho & Xiumin (Polars in the mirror) [Water & Ice]
Elements that are dependent on each other
Sehun & Tao (Sends a butterfly to each other) [Wind & Time]
The elements of freedom
Chanyeol & Kris (Battle of the summonings) [Fire & Fire]
In China, the Dragon represents the Emperor, and the Phoenix the Empress; like Yin and Yang
D.O. & Chen (Battle of mother nature) [Earth & Lightning]
The Earth and the Heavens powers

News by Jeliame posted over a year ago
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The highly anticipated new group EXO, from SM Entertainment, will have their debut stage both in Korea and in China on April 8. They will achieve that by having EXO-K perform on SBS "Inkigayo" while EXO-M performs at China's "Music Festival" award ceremony.

The "12th Annual Music Festival" award ceremony, where EXO-M is planning to debut at, is known as the Chinese Grammys. It is an award ceremony that is renowned and influential with many of China's top stars attending.

Even though EXO-M is new, they were invited to perform as a special guest. It is clear that they are receiving a lot of interest in China even before their debut. Their performance will be on sina.com, which will be aired live. Also, they can been seen afterwards through China's BTV and some other channels as an already filmed show. SBS "Inkigayo" also showed a teaser video on April 1 of EXO-K's debut stage and made anticipating fans even more eager.

EXO-K and EXO-M's first mini album, "MAMA," will be released on April 9.